How to Grow Fruits & Veggies in Small Spaces

How to Grow Fruits & Veggies in Small Spaces

Have you ever wanted to grow fruits and veggies, but just don’t have the space? The good news is that it’s possible to grow fruits and veggies into small spaces. Not everyone has acres of land in which they can grow their fruits and veggies. Check out these tips for growing fruits and veggies in the small spaces you have in or around your home.

Know what you can grow in small space

Obviously, not all fruits and veggies can be grown in small space. There are certain plants that grow better in small space. Some ideas would be lettuce, carrots, basil, kale, garlic, beans, and tomatoes. Anything that isn’t too big can be grown in a small area.

Brainstorm where you can grow

The cool thing about small space is that you can get creative. You can use your back patio, a small raised garden bed, or even potted plants. Knowing how much space you have and where you will grow is also a vital part of growing fruits and veggies in a small space.

Invest in good fertilizer

Growing in a small space is no different than growing in a big space. You still need to invest in good fertilizer. Your fertilizer is what’s going to help your fruits and veggies grow into fruition. Think of it as the food your plants need to grow big and strong.

Take care of your garden daily

The good thing about having a small garden is hopefully you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it. You do a little gardening daily, but since you’ll be gardening from a small space, it’ll be a lot easier.

Make your gardening work for you

What I adore about small space gardening with fruits and veggies is that you can make it work to your advantage. Create a privacy fence with your garden, make it a colorful scene by planting different palates of fruits and veggies, or do whatever you want. You can latterly plop them into a butter dish if this makes your life easier. Small space fruit and veggie gardening doesn’t have to be hard.

Don’t forget to water your plants and give them sunlight. You’ll need to figure out a way to get your fruits and veggies adequate sun light, even if you’re dealing with a small space.

What tips would you give to someone planting a garden in a small space?


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