7 Fun Ways to Exercise as a Family

7 Fun Ways to Exercise as a Family

Exercising as a family is super important. Not only do you get to spend extra time together as a family, but you get healthier as a family. If you’re new to family exercising or just wanting some new ideas, check out these fun ways to exercise as a family.

1) Go on a hike together

When you and your kids get to see what nature has provided, exercising gets fun. Let your kids explore and have a jolly time looking around their surroundings.

2) Clean the house together

Did you know that cleaning your house can count as exercise? Get the whole family excited about this. Turn up the music and get to cleaning the house together.

3) Go for after dinner walks together

One of our favorite ways to exercise, as a family, is to go for after dinner walks together. This is especially fun for the kids when they can ride their bikes. Spending this time together as a family is so important.

4) Play outside with your kids

Another fun way to exercise as a family is play outside together. You can choose a game like basketball or just rough housing in the grass. Exercising isn’t always looking at a TV and following along. Make being active fun for your family and they’ll start loving it too.

5) Sign up for a 5K

There is something exciting about training as a family for a 5K. Whether your kids are little or are big enough to run it, this is a fun way to exercise as a family. This creates a sense of unity in your family as well. Any way you can spend time together, do it!

6) Do a physical Random Act of Kindness

Whether it’s picking up sticks, shoveling snow, or raking leaves, there is always work to be done outside. Consider this a form of exercise and help someone else out.

7) Go on a bike ride

Once the whole family can ride bikes, you’re going to have fun exercising together. Going on a bike ride is fun because you can go fast or slow. You can enjoy the scenery and try new bike trails together. Exercising as a family can be fun, so don’t let anyone fool you!

Do you spend time exercising as a family? How do you make it fun?


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