Suze Orman’s Action Plan Giveaway!

Have you ever wished that you could stop worrying about money?  Is that something you wish for quite a bit?  Last summer Suze Orman created the Money Minded Moms website to help moms take on their uncertainties about money.  Suze says “the goal is to give each of you the power to wipe away any uncertainties you have about your family’s finances and replace them with confidence that you get from knowledge and support.”

About a year and a half ago my family’s financial situation changed dramatically when we made the tough decision to close the real estate appraisal business I had been running for the past 20 years and take a chance on starting an entirely different kind of business creating Coupon Clutch organizers.  We’re doing well with the new business, but it’s nothing like our old income stream and of course the first few months there was no ‘profit’ at all.  For this reason, our major goal for 2011 is to work on getting rid of our credit card debt, in addition to working on our emergency fund.  Once we have those two items under control we’ll turn our efforts to working on our retirement and the kids college fund.

I’m excited to have had the chance to review Suze Orman’s book “Action Plan, New Rules for New Times” and I’m happy to be able to give away a copy as well.  Suze breaks down the “new rules” into eight easy to follow action steps:

1 – Action Plan: Credit

2 – Action Plan: Retirement

3 – Action Plan: Saving

4 – Action Plan: Spending

5 – Action Plan: Real Estate

6 – Action Plan: Paying for College

7 – Action Plan: Protecting Your Family and Yourself

8 – Action Plan: Kids and Money

If you would also like to feel more secure about your family’s financial situation, I highly recommend checking out the many free resources and newsletters available at Money Minded Moms and that you enter for a chance to win your own copy of Suze Orman’s book “Action Plan, New Rules for New Times.”  

How to enter – 6 different ways! 

  • Tell us which of these action plans you’d most like to read about!  This entry is mandatory but you may also do any or all of the following for additional entries.  Leave a comment on this post for each entry so that all of your entries count.  The winner will be chosen at random at midnight CST on Saturday March 12th.
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Disclaimer: MoneyMindedMoms provided me with the free book and information, plus a gift pack for a reader, through MyBlogSpark.


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  1. WOW! I’d LOVE to have this book — I think it would be great for any household in this terrible economy!!! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  2. Elizabeth says

    There are several topics I’d love to read about : retirement- because my husband will retire several years before me due to a career change, saving- to see what other strategies she can teach me, real estate because after years of scrimping, we are closer than ever to FINALLY building our 1st and last house!

  3. I would like to read about the credit- I could use the advice.

  4. I am a email subscriber.

  5. I would love this book! I’m mostly interested in spending, saving, kids and money, and paying for college.

  6. I love you on Facebook!

  7. I have toolbar 1.

  8. I have toolbar 2.

  9. I receive daily e-mails and on facebook.

  10. I want to read all the action plans, but if I have to pick just 1, it would have to be: Paying for College.

  11. Already suscribe to Shopper Strategy by Email.

  12. I like you on Facebook.

  13. I would be most interested in credit.

  14. I am an e-mail subscriber.

  15. I follow on Twitter.

  16. I like you on Facebook.

  17. I subscribe.

  18. Email subscriber.

  19. I like you on Facebook.

  20. I follow on Twitter.

  21. Action Plan-Retirement.

  22. Email subscriber.

  23. Like you on FB.

  24. Charlotte says

    Would love to read the plan on credit.

  25. Charlotte says

    I am an email subscriber.

  26. Charlotte says

    I am a facebook fan.

  27. I’d like to learn more for saving for college

  28. I’d most like to read the section about kids and money.


  29. I’d like to read about the kids and money.

  30. Facebook fan.

  31. Email subscriber.

  32. Downloaded the toolbar 1

  33. Downloaded toolbar 2

  34. LuAnn Gravenhof says

    I need retirement help.

  35. LuAnn Gravenhof says

    email subscriber

  36. LuAnn Gravenhof says

    facebook fan

  37. LuAnn Gravenhof says

    twitter follower as luannkay

  38. I would love to put my debt in order with Suze Orman.

  39. I follow you on Facebook.

  40. I am an email subscriber.

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