Why Even Small Families Should Get a Warehouse Club Membership

Why Small Families Should Get a Warehouse Club Membership

If you are reading this, you are likely a smaller family, maybe 1 or 2 kids, or just a couple or even a single college student and you are trying to decide if you should invest in a membership for your local warehouse clubs such as Costco. You are wondering if it is worth it in order to pay the membership fee or if the items there may just be for those who need to buy industrial boxes of oatmeal. Here are some reasons why even small families should get a warehouse club membership to help you weigh the pros and cons.

Savings on Gas

I save on average 3-5 cents per gallon at Sam’s Club with my membership. This may not be much, but I like being able to save money off the price of gas no matter what so this is one of the reasons I got the membership. When I travel, I can save money on our road trip by filling up at Sam’s Club, since there are locations in so many areas.

Savings on Shelf Stable Items

While I have learned through trial and error that a lot of perishables may not be for us in warehouse sized containers, the dry goods sure are. We eat a lot of canned beans here and I can get a case of 12 organic beans for less than $7.This is half off the prices here or more if I were to buy them individually. I also save big money on things like pasta, bulk baking items and snacks. Did you know Costco is one of the largest retailers of organic goods? If you are like me, you want to save money on organic stuff however you can.

Cheap Tires

I have not bought tires at Sam’s Club since getting the membership (we just haven’t needed them) but others tell me their prices are phenomenal. This is a good reason to consider a membership in my opinion.

Cash Back on Your Purchases

Premium or executive memberships at BJ’s Wholesale, Costco and Sam’s Club all come with cash back rewards. We have an executive membership because we will get cash back at the end of the year and we were told the average cash back was around $77. While this isn’t a lot, it’s $77 I get back and everything counts. I mean, that’s a week worth of groceries here! Getting an executive membership has also given us some extra savings on things we get online on SamsClub.com.

Savings on Gifts for Others

I have found some great savings at Sam’s Club on things I buy for gifts such as name brand clothing, movie passes and gourmet gift baskets. You can also find great deals on books, video games and movies as well.

Savings on the Services You Already Use

We save a bundle on glasses and prescriptions at Sam’s Club, and some friends who used to get water delivered by a well known company, are now saving half off that price by opting for water delivery from Costco. They even got a free water cooler as opposed to having to rent one from the other company.

The bottom line is, determine what services and purchases your family can save on with a warehouse membership to see if it’s worth it for you. If you are still unsure, try to go in with a friend or family member and see what they have to offer. You could even split the cost of a membership with someone because most wholesale club memberships allow you to add anyone as a second card holder for an account.


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  1. Many years ago we had a Sam’s Club membership, but for some reason just didn’t renew it. After reading this post, I believe it WOULD be to our benefit to get the Sam’s membership again. Thanks for the post.

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