What Room In Your House Is Used The Most?

Do you know which room in your house gets used the most? For most people, including my family of seven, the bathroom is the most used room in the house! Well The Clorox Lounge is trying to change the most underrated room in our homes, the bathroom, into a laughroom and you can not only find lots of great tips, contests and hilarious stories, but you’ll also have a chance to win some awesome prizes including a $10,000 top prize!

Starting this Monday, February 27th, The Clorox Lounge will be kicking off their Last Comic Sitting Contest and Sweepstakes.  All you have to do is visit the site and sign up to be entered to win.  You can also get additional entries for logging in each day and for leaving comments on the stories, photos or blog posts. 

If you’d like to share some funny potty moments in your life you’ll also be entered in the weekly community contests.  Every week, comedienne Sherri Shepherd will ask about a funny moment in your life and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card just for sharing your story.

They say that the potty is one place a busy mom can go to get a little break during the day – but I’m not so sure about that, especially if you have little ones who follow you everywhere.

We thought it was really difficult when our quadruplets were in diapers and we were so looking forward to the day when we could get rid of the hassle (and expense!) of diapers, but that’s when the hard part really started.  Potty training is a tough (and dirty) process, but try potty training FOUR kids at the same time. 

The trick that really worked for us was using rewards that suited each child.  Once you figure out what your kids’ currency is, you can really use that to motivate them.  For example, my two girls were thrilled to receive stickers for using the potty that they got to stick on their charts which we kept pinned to the bathroom wall.  My boys on the other hand wanted absolutely nothing to do with stickers – one only wanted trucks and the other was really into tools.  So we bought both “small” and “large” trucks and tools and let them see them, then put them away until they did their doody duty.  That really motivated them to keep trying and we’re now so glad to have survived and finally moved beyond the potty training period!

My quads are six now and they’re long past potty training, but that was one of the most difficult parenting issues we’ve faced so far.  It truly helps to keep a sense of humor, and a good toilet cleaning product handy!

I know you guys have some great stories and tips of your own, so be sure to head on over and share yours for a chance to win some awesome prizes, and even if you don’t win you will receive a $1 off coupon for Clorox products.

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