Weekly Giveaway – Comment to Win $50 in Hot Coupons!

Coupons look a lot like cash to me and I'm excited to give one lucky reader $50 worth of hot coupons this week – all you have to do is leave a comment on ANY post.  That's right, just leave a comment on any post and you'll be entered in this week's giveaway, PLUS you'll get an entry for EACH comment so talk to me, give me your thoughts or ask any questions and you'll also be entered to win.  The winning comment will be selected at random on Saturday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Sunday.  Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers – you're the best!

Last week's winner is Nancy, who said “You can never have too many coupons.”



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  1. I can always use some extra coupons!!

  2. You can never have too many coupons….. cause you can always share and trade! Or donate!

  3. I am really getting into the couponing and these would help!

  4. Would love some more coupons, my local paper doesnt supply all the inserts :(:(:( Please help.

  5. I share coupons with my married daughter. She and I also share tips and websites. I’ve found this one has some of the best tips and links to coupons ever!

  6. My mom saves me her coupons.

  7. Have couponed and done rebates most of my adult life, there always seems to be need to be thrifty. Were talking 40 years at least.

  8. Nancy Fortin says

    Every little bit of savings helps the budget stretch that much farther.

  9. I love coupons. Instead of building a stockpile, we donate our items to be used on mission trips at our church! Pay it forward!
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  10. I am new to couponing and I am not sure how I survived before without it . Yay couponing!!!!!

  11. I would love some extra coupons

  12. Jenn Hitchcock says

    My best friend intorduced me to couponing during my trip to visit her in Vegas… I am loving it and and obsessed with looking for new coupons and deal anywhere I can get them. Coupons are Grrrr-EAT!!!!

  13. Thanks to mom I was always a bargain hunter. She could find a bargain in the dessert! Then my hubby showed me the light with rebates and coupons. And THEN he showed me the Extreme Couponing show on TLC. From that point…the rest was history! So here I am nightly, printing, clipping & dreaming of my new coupon binder that arrives any day. Hubby and I stockpiled a year’s food in our second bedroom, and now we search daily to SHOP FOR FREE using coupons. We help people at church and I was even asked to speak at our local Senior Center. What do you think of that? I will tell you what I now believe: Every Day is Coupon Day!

  14. Thanks for all the shopping tips, please consider me for the coupon giveaway. I am new at this and it sure would help! Annie

  15. I am just getting started and would love to win something to give me a boost!

  16. Wow! That would be super!!

  17. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well.. Enjoy your dinner out. Hope to win those coupons. Thought I already won some, but they never came to me and they were last month’s.

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