Weekly Giveaway – Comment to Win $50 in Hot Coupons!

Who wants some extra coupons?  One lucky reader will get $50 worth of hot coupons this week – all you have to do is leave a comment on ANY post.  That’s right, just leave a comment on any post and you’ll be entered in this week’s giveaway, PLUS you’ll get an entry for EACH comment so talk to me, give me your thoughts or ask any questions and you’ll also be entered to win.  The winning comment will be selected at random on Saturday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Sunday.  Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers – you’re the best!

Last week’s winner is Christina, who said “I am so bummed that this weeks newspaper had no coupons, i just contacted the newspaper and they said because of the holiday they didnt have any inserts. I was so bummed. I was out on $1.50 for the paper. $50 on additional coupons would be really nice…. thanks!”


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  1. I am 3 weeks into using coupons. Awesome giveaway!!!

  2. Nancy Fortin says

    It would be awesome to get extras of all of yesterday’s coupon inserts.

  3. Nancy Fortin says

    It would be fabulous to get extras of all of yesterday’s coupon inserts.

  4. I would use the Pepsi coupons.

  5. Just getting started and am very excited. I would love some extra help ad $50 could really do that. Thanks!!

  6. Sweet giveaway!!! The extra help would be a fantastic addition for anyone!

  7. I ordered the Coupon Clutch, got it in today and I LOVE IT!!!

  8. Yay! That’s so awesome – thanks Tanya!

  9. amy huhn says

    I really love the idea of using coupons!!!!

  10. I waited too long last sunday to buy a paper, so they were all sold out! I was so bummed!

  11. Saving money by using the system is amazing!

  12. I recently started couponing and have invested money to buy a binder, dividers, sleeves and everything to organize! Now all I need is some more coupons to put in them! PLEASE DONT LET THE COUPLE COUPONS IN MY BINDER BE LONELY! 🙁

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