Weekly Giveaway – Comment to Win $50 in Hot Coupons!

All right guys, I thought I’d up the ante from $25 to $50 two weeks ago, then decided to double up and do it again last week.  Well now I guess it’s become a habit because I want to stick with $50 – so one lucky reader will get $50 worth of hot coupons this week, all you have to do is leave a comment on ANY post.  That’s right, just leave a comment on any post and you’ll be entered in this week’s giveaway, PLUS you’ll get an entry for EACH comment so talk to me, give me your thoughts or ask any questions and you’ll also be entered to win.  The winning comment will be selected at random on Saturday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Sunday.  Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers – you’re the best!

Last weeks winner is Ruth who said “Just found your website. Am new to couponing. Just got my new coupon clutch so am looking for coupons to fill it!”


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  1. I love coupons!

  2. would love to win!!!

  3. I really love your website and the things you post on Facebook. Thanks for the time you spend helping us save lots of money!

  4. Yolande Moore says

    Happy Labor Day to all the moms!!! 🙂 (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  5. April Ockerman says

    I am trying to learn more about your weekly meal plans. I have gotten so bad about not planning and need to get back on track..
    Love all yoru advice and coupons. THanks

  6. Hey April! I only just started doing the meal planning a couple of months ago and I started out by just making a list of everything we had in the freezer then planning what day of the week we would eat it – I’m STILL amazed at how much more $$$ it saves us because I thought I was doing pretty darn good before 😉

  7. I have never won coupons.

  8. Love the giveaway! Thank yoU!!

  9. Just discovered your site ~ looking good. Thanks for the give-away. 🙂

  10. pamela james says

    Enjoy your website! I follow you via email. how do you stay so organized?

  11. Thanks Pamela! My favorite organizing tool is my calendar from a small company called Planner Pads out of Omaha, Nebraska. This will sound funny but two years ago I saw an ad from them promising to give me back an extra hour a day – guaranteed – I needed that hour so bad that I tried it and their system actually works. You just inspired me to write to them and tell them that 🙂

  12. I just saw your site… I still haven’t gotten the hang of couponing yet, but I hope your tips can help me get started!

  13. Oh I would love to win some coupons.I love,love,love coupons !!!!!!!!!

  14. I have triplet toddlers and need all the help I can get!

  15. I was bedridden and fell behind on collecting coupons, I can sure use some coupons!!!

  16. Im new to couponing and your site is so helpful to me!!! I need coupons!!!

  17. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE,your site and all the hard work you put into your site to help us save money. You are amazing..

  18. Love coupons!

  19. dawn jones says

    Thanks for all your time and effort to help others save money!!!

  20. I live in alaska and would love to win!!!

  21. veronica salinas says

    Couponing has totally changed my life, my way of thinking, and I am working on changing the rest of the people in my family…

  22. I love your site. You have saved me and my family alot of money. Thank you so much!!! Peggy

  23. CRYSTAL says


  24. I got the smaller Smart Source in my newspaper. Some areas got more with theirs. Too Bad!!!

  25. I love coupons and have recently started helping a friend of mine. Shes a mother of 5 and is needing the extra help. I would like to help her even more with the coupons as the coupons in our area arent that good, the giveaway would be very helpful to both of us! Thank you!!!!

  26. Kaffalee says

    love your site! it has been a great help to me as I learn the coupon world, I’m having fun-learning from my mistakes, and still saving a bunch!! thank you!

  27. Kaffalee says

    I wish you had a link that explains RECEIPTS to me.. since I’m just starting off, it’s hard to figure out if I’m getting my discounts or not. EX: Walgreens, B1G1 Free, on one date: the FREE amount showed up at the bottom after all my mfg coupns etc., but on another it didn’t. When I showed the manager on my next visit she tells me it doesn’t always show up?? so how was I to know for sure??? I guess it’s time to bust out the calculators..help!

  28. Kaffalee says

    and..sorry, still more 🙂
    Krogers, discounts don’t show up till the end!! that can be ridiculously confusing eh?! I guess knowledge will come with experience.
    Sorry for the long posts, love your site!!

  29. Would love to win these coupons! My area stores keep running out of papers and the places where there are papers, someone is picking out the coupons! PLEASE HELP! 🙂

  30. Edith Frazier says

    I would love to win i live in alaska we don’t get that many coupons! Thanks

  31. I am a cancer survivor and couponing is allowing me to stay home and watch my kids grow (and fight with one another too 🙂 JUST found this website and LOVE LOVE LOVE it already!

  32. joana martin says

    i love the emails i get about what sales are coming up and what coupons to use it is very helpful thanks for all you do.

  33. I love winning things, especially coupons!!

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