Weekly Giveaway – Comment to Win $25 in Hot Coupons!

I love comments almost as much as I love coupons 😉 so I thought it would be great to put the two together and come up with a winner!  Each week I’ll be giving away $25 worth of hot coupons to one lucky reader – all you have to do is leave a comment on ANY post.  That’s right, just leave a comment on any post and you’ll be entered in this week’s giveaway, PLUS you’ll get an entry for EACH comment so talk to me, give me your thoughts or ask any questions and you’ll also be entered to win.  The winning comment will be selected at random on Saturday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Sunday.  Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers – you’re the best!

Last week’s winner is Shebella, who said “I love coupons. I get so frustated when I leave my coupon binder home. My husband is not a true believer yet, but he goes out to get my papers on Sunday morning. I want to win him over with my savings.” 

Keep working on him Shebella, it took my hubby awhile to come around also, but now he’s all like “what? you spent more than $10 at the grocery store?”  Too funny!


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  1. I can’t beleive it took me so long to start using coupons….

  2. LOL, same with my husband.. took him awhile to get used to me using them and he still will not use them himself yet…Men… But he is grateful for me using them and all the blogs I frequent that gives me the information I need to save as much as I do for our family. He says Thank you!!! 80)

  3. I would love some hot coupons. My husband buys my papers, but is not quite fully on board. If he had to buy something and had to wait on me to get the coupon he would just pay full price. I hope to win him over soon.

  4. Awesome giveaway!

  5. I am a new fan of extreme couponing, and your website helps so much! I think my husband appreciates the saved money, but can’t get excited over saving 80% on our grocery bill.

  6. Enter me please!!

  7. Amy Anderson says

    Coupons are the great thing… jsut liked sliced bread. I took me a while to start using them but once I did, “Oh Boy was I hooked!” I can’t believe how much money I saved.

  8. I am somewhat new to couponing. I have been successful with everything but the grocery store.

  9. Welcome Sandy – we’ll be glad to help you out with that 🙂

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