Viva Eye Spa Eye Gel Mask $4.95 Shipped!

We’ve had a couple weeks worth of sick kids around here, and now that they’re all better my illness has turned into a terrible sinus infection.  Five boxes of tissues, one shot in the butt, and three prescriptions later I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, but I’m sure wishing I’d had one of these Viva Eye Spa-Eye Gel Masks a few days ago!  They’re a hot deal right now for just $4.95 including free shipping so I’m grabbing one for next time I’ve got sinus issues, puffy eyes or just want to whip out my inner Zorro!  Use warm for sinus headache, tension and stress relief.  Use cold for puffy eyes and under eye circles. Adjustable velcro closure for comfortable fit.


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  1. Can you put viva eye gel mask in the FREEZER? and does it conform pretty well round your eyes if you work with it a little? Thanks. Gloria

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