Visiting the Battleship USS Alabama

We recently took the kids over to the Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama and spent the day exploring the USS Alabama, their large aircraft museum, and the USS Drum submarine.  They had a blast getting to climb all over the Battleship, sit in the gun turrets, and take a “nap” in the bunk beds.  The kids are already asking when they can go back and I’m sure after the Battleship movie comes out this weekend they’ll be really anxious to get back over there again.  Check out my guest post at the blog today to get all the details and see more pictures!


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  1. Shebella says

    Wow the kids look like they are having a wonderful time. 18 years of marriage and my husband has yet to take me to Mobile which is less than an hour from his home town. I would love to visit the battleship in Mobile and visit the town. Are you able to go aboard the ship?

  2. They had a blast Shebella! Not only can you go aboard the ship, but they’ll let you climb all over it and take self guided tours of the whole thing. You’ll have to twist his arm to take you, it really is worth the trip! They also have a smaller submarine in the park that you can walk through and an incredible number of airplanes in the museum there. It’s right on the water and you can bring a picnic, or have him take you to one of the fabulous seafood restaurants nearby 😉

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