Valassis Report on Coupon Shopping Behavior


Valassis, one of the major coupon printing companies, released the findings of a new study on consumer shopping behavior.  There’s lots of information in the release, but here are some of the more interesting tidbits:

  • Of those surveyed, 31% are more careful about remembering to bring coupons to the store – 74% expect this behavior to continue;
  • 25% are clipping more coupons than before – 72% expect this habit to continue;
  • 6% are clipping coupons, which they never did before – 58% expect to continue clipping coupons in the future; and
  • 3% have joined coupon clubs or attended meetings about coupons – 50% expect to be involved in such activities in the future.
  • Overall, coupon redemption increased 23% in 2009 – the second highest year-over-year growth rate ever recorded. Redemptions continued to grow each quarter in 2009.
  • Redemption for grocery products increased by 25%, representing 2 billion coupons; and
  • Redemption of health and beauty care products increased by 20%, representing 1.2 billion coupons.


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