Update on Lower Alabama/Northwest Florida Publix Policies

I just had a nice conversation with the manager at my fave Publix and I wanted to update you guys with a big change in the local coupon policy for the Lower Alabama / Northwest Florida Publix stores.  Since my trip in last week the District Manager has handed down a new policy of only accepting one Walgreens Register Reward per customer per day where in the past customers were allowed to use multiple Register Rewards in a transaction.  For example, today I had $21 RR that I had planned to use – a $10, 2-$5s, and a $1 – so I chose to use the $10 RR today, but last week I would have been able to use them all.  The store does get reimbursed by the manufacturer for the Register Rewards, plus an 8 cent handling fee for each one, because they are manufacturer’s coupons so I had some questions about why the store was changing the policy.  I was told that although they have not yet experienced any issues with chargebacks or other problems with Register Rewards, it is a concern because they say “Redeemable At Walgreens” on them.

I can certainly appreciate their concern from a business standpoint, they obviously don’t want to get stuck holding the bag if all of a sudden the manufacturers decided to stop reimbursing Publix for Register Rewards because they say Walgreens on them.  I would argue though that they don’t say “Redeemable ONLY at Walgreens” and it is highly unlikely that a multitude of manufacturers would all stop paying after years of reimbursing for them, AND if it is really that big of a worry – why take them at all?  Not wanting to bite the hand that feeds my family, but really – it’s either a problem or it isn’t.  I love Publix.  Hands down they’ve got the best people around, it’s actually a joy to shop there!  Unfortunately for me and my family of seven, they also have the highest prices in town and it’s their BOGO sales and acceptance of Register Rewards that has made it possible for me to shop there.  I actually pass three Winn Dixies on my 40 minute drive to get there every week. 

I’m hoping that since it’s a recent change on a mostly local level that the district manager might reconsider these changes to the policy.  The second I hit publish on this post I plan to write a polite letter to the district manager and ask him to please reconsider.  If you’d like to do the same, please send your letter to:

Mr. Ed Betts
8244 Navarre Parkway
Navarre, FL 32566-6943
Phone:  (850) 515-0999


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  1. It is definitely a bummer when a favorite store changes their policies! Count yourself as lucky – our Publixes in Central Florida won’t accept Walgreens coupons of any type at all. 🙁

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