Update: Cheap Wireless Plan from Walmart Family Mobile

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Last month I told you guys about my mom’s problems with her previous cell phone company, her phone had broken with only a few days left on her two year contract and they wanted to charge her a large termination fee plus an activation fee on a new phone. Luckily she walked away and let me know what was going on so I helped her get a new cheap wireless plan. Her new unlimited plan from Walmart Family Mobile gives her more services (she didn’t have data with her previous plan) and it actually costs less per month, plus there is NO contract!

Cheap Wireless Plan from Walmart Family Mobile #shop

For just $39.88 a month you can get unlimited talk, text and data and I’m proud to report that I’ve finally been able to get my mom to start texting. She loves her new phone and is ecstatic to have a better plan for a cheaper price. She’s even figured out how to use the limits and controls, which is wonderful since she’s the main alternate care giver for my five kids.

Cheap Wireless Plan from Walmart Family Mobile #shop

Of course they always want to play on her phone so it’s really cool that we can block adult web content and set limits like how many minutes or messages can be used by any line on the account, you can block usage at certain times of day (say for the kids phones while they’re in school) and you can set always allowed and never allowed numbers for each line. The neat thing about that is that if you set limits for the kids lines, they would still be able to call your number when listed as ‘always allowed’ even if they’re out of minutes. It’s super easy to manage your account and setup all sorts of controls and limits at the MyFamilyMobile.com page.

Saving with Walmart Family Mobile #shop

You can also save even more with this cheap wireless plan by activating it on a phone you already have as long as its compatible, all you need is the $25 starter kit to change out the SIM card. We had tons of fun shopping with #cbias and #FamilyMobileSaves for mom’s new phone and I’m very pleased that it was so easy to activate and that she’s now rid of her old flip phone and the company that didn’t appreciate her business. Get more information and smart talk tips in the Live SoFab Back to School Digital Magazine.


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  1. How nice to see your mom’s smiling face. I agree the Walmart Family Mobile plans are a great deal!

  2. Thanks Kay Lynn! Great to see your face too 🙂

  3. Nice job! Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client

  4. I love the parental controls option! Thank you for the update, I can’t wait to make the switch! #client

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