Two Personalized Purse Hangers Only $1.99 Shipped!

Wow – here is another awesome deal from ArtsCow!  Through July 16th when you use promo code HANGHOOK you’ll be able to get your choice of a heart-shaped or round purse hanger for only $1.99, PLUS you’ll get a second one for FREE and free shipping on top of that (search for handbag hanger or just hanger).  That’s a fabulous deal and I can’t wait to get mine!  These handbag or purse hangers are perfect for keeping your purse off of the germy floor in bathrooms, restaurants and other places by making it easy to hang from a table or door.


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  1. Searched for purse hangers on site,couldn’t find them.:(

  2. Just checked myself and it’s not easy 🙁 you have to search for handbag hanger or just hanger will get you there. Sorry for the trouble!

  3. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction, Denise. These will be well worth the little extra trouble to get to them! Greatest idea yet for keeping my purse up off the dirty floors in bathrooms – restaurants, walmart, mall bathrooms, etc.

  4. very cute! thanks!!!

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