Tuesday Tips: Inexpensive Pizza Stone

We absolutely adore homemade pizza around here and I always know that the kids will eat it, plus it’s super easy to make a bunch all at once and freeze the extras.  To make the best tasting pizzas we like to cook them on pizza stones, unfortunately at $25 to $45 each it’s pretty expensive to get one and we really needed more than one so I looked for an alternative and found out that Mexican Saltillo tiles work just as well and you can get them for around $1-$2 each at your local home improvement store.

Be sure to check the boxes the tile came in and get authentic Saltillo tile as it is safe for cooking because it’s unglazed, made of only clay and water, and then fired in a wood burning kiln.  For best results place the dry tiles in a cold oven and heat to 450 or 500 degrees then slide the pizzas on to bake.


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