Try New Ruffles Flavors for Free!

If you head on over to Facebook and ‘like’ Ruffles right now, they will email you a coupon for $.99 off a $.99 bag of Ruffles in one of their new ‘mantastic’ flavors – choose from Molten Hot Wings or Loaded Chili & Cheese flavors.


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  1. Gerald Carlson says

    I saw the Ruffles “Loaded Chili and Cheese” at Publics, and bought a package, and loved them. I told someone else about them being great, but now I can’t find them. Today I tried “Legendary Philly Cheesesteak”. They are pretty good but not as good as the Loaded Chili and Cheese.(My opinion) I would rate the Loaded Chili and Cheese at “10”. And the Legendary Phili Cheesesteak at “6”.
    In the older flavors I haven’t cared that much for them. Most of them I would rate at about “3” and about the same on plain Ruffles.

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