Track Your 2010 Savings With Free Excel Download

coupon_projectI have an Excel spreadsheet that I made up for my own use that calculates my savings for me from each shopping trip and I use it religiously because I love to see those numbers 🙂  I have to say though, this spreadsheet created by Angela at The Coupon Project is way better than mine and I’m glad to have found it today so I can start my year off right using this new spreadsheet.  It performs the same functions as mine, but Angela’s is so much better looking!  Grab a copy of your own and try it out, what better time than now at the start of a new year.  Thanks a bunch Angela!


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  1. Cindy Fogarty says

    I am wondering how you use this ,, and how you track.

    For example.. when i get my receipts from price chopper it will show my store savings.(what the savings were this week on that item) and then show my coupon savings. my manfacturers and my store in ad.

    Do you track only the discount you are getting from the two types of coupons or are you tracking the fact that the items were on sale also(the store savings this week amount)?

    I see people getting 70-80 percent off of groceries and i just do not see how this is even possible for me in an area where there are no double coupons.
    I am doing well at rite aid and target and cvs, but the grocery stores are a real challenge to get this type of result.


  2. Hey Cindy! Most of the stores I visit show the total savings at the bottom of each receipt, some even break it down into coupons/discounts and I like to keep track of both. This spreadsheet will track the total retail price, coupons, sale savings, rebates and of course total paid and total saved. I really like that it also shows the amount spent with and without the rebates. There are NO double coupon stores in my area either and I consistently save 70-85% at the grocery store. It really is just a simple matter of matching the best sales with the best coupons and keeping a stockpile. For instance, I have enough pasta in the stockpile for the next three months so I won’t buy any more until I can get it for 15-20 cents a box.

  3. Hi Denise,
    Getting a lot of good info off your site!
    I have only been couponing about 2-2 1/2 mos. Like Cindy, I am not getting the WOW results either. I am saving, just not as much as I’d like and also not getting a stockpile. How did you get started with a stockpile?

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