Tough Outdoor Cleaning with Mean Green

Disclosure – This post was sponsored by Mean Green, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tough Outdoor Cleaning with Mean Green

The patio off the master bedroom is my favorite place to relax and read after work or after the kids go to bed and I probably spend more waking hours there than any one other spot in the house. Although its a covered patio, it still collects all sorts of dirt, pollen and even grass clippings every time we mow the yard. I keep a comfy cushion on this chaise lounger but as you can see in the before picture (upper right) the edges that aren’t covered get dirty and discolored over time and it just doesn’t look pretty anymore when that happens. I like to use Mean Green Mildew Destroyer on the chaise because it takes care of the stains in a hurry. Just a few squirts and you can literally see the spots disappearing right before your eyes, a few swipes with a cleaning rag and this job was done. What a huge difference it made in the after picture on the left side!

Tough Outdoor Cleaning with Mean Green

Even though this glass patio table is tinted, which makes it harder to see the dust, it does tend to collect there and during peak allergy seasons you can often see a fine layer of pollen there. A couple of my kids and I suffer from seasonal allergies, but we really enjoy spending time outdoors so I like to use Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner to cut through the grime while killing 99.9% of germs. Check out the difference in the shine between the before picture on top and the after picture below!

The best part though is how good I feel after I get these kinds of cleaning projects done, I know that our outdoor living spaces are clean and they look great!

Mean Green

Have you tried Mean Green cleaning products yet? Which is your favorite?


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