Tips and Tricks for Haggling Like a Pro

Do you want to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on your purchases? If your answer is yes, the solution is simple: Pay less for these products. Paying less is always a possibility with negotiation.  Here are some tips and tricks to haggling like a pro:

1) Dress the part.

Where are you shopping? If you’re shopping in a market, avoid wearing designer clothes and flashy jewelry. If you are dressed like you’re wealthy, then the vendor will likely assume that you are wealthy. If you’re shopping in a more upscale area, then avoid dressing too informally. Of course, always dress respectfully.

2) Let the vendor start the process.

If you find an item you are interested in, first ask the vendor how much it costs. You don’t want to name a price that’s even higher than the asking price!

3) Ask for their best price.

Don’t make a counter-offer right off the bat. Ask the vendor if that’s their best price. More often than not, you will get a better price on the item you are eyeing.

4) Give a counter-offer.

It’s time to name your price! Many people start negotiating at a price that’s about one-half of the asking price. Of course, use your best judgment to see if the vendor already gave a reasonable price to begin with. If you’re starting off with a very low price, then smile and be friendly when offering.

5) Be nice.

Smile! Shop vendors are more likely to be willing to negotiate with somebody who is pleasant and polite compared to someone who is rude and argumentative.

6) Buy multiple items.

Do you see a number of things that you like? Put them in your shopping basket. You’ll have an easier time getting a discount if you’re buying more than one product.

7) Let go.

If you truly want to haggle like a pro, you must learn how to walk away. If you aren’t willing to pay the amount being asked, then put the item down and walk away. It may be hard to leave the item behind, but you’ll probably find something similar in another shop. Besides, it is likely that the vendor will chase after you.

8 ) Be a regular.

It won’t hurt to be a regular customer at a particular shop that you like. You’ll have an easier time getting the best deals once you’ve established rapport with the shop owner.

Many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of haggling. With an extra dose of confidence and little practice, however, you’ll see that getting a better price on an item is a lot easier than you thought.

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