Three Signs You Need to Switch Internet Providers


Switching from one Internet provider to another is a hassle, so most people put it off until they can no longer handle the inefficiencies in service with their current providers. If it has crossed your mind that you may need to switch, you may still debate whether it is really time to take action. While there are many reasons you may consider switching, there are three clear signs that you should never ignore:

1) Your current provider forces you to bundle your Internet service with other services. Alternatively, your current provider makes bundling optional, but the service is too expensive if you do not choose to bundle. Bundles are convenient in some instances, but they are not always desirable or in your best interest.

2) You experience too much downtime with your current service. If a provider cannot keep your Internet connected and functioning at the appropriate speed, then you are not getting what you pay for each month. Paying for this service is like paying for a full tank of gasoline and only receiving a half tank. You would never accept that from a gas station, and you should not accept it from your Internet provider.

3) Your current provider lacks in customer service. It doesn’t matter how much you love your current provider if you cannot talk to a helpful, friendly person when you have questions or technical issues arise. A good example of a provider currently doing customer service right is This provider assigns every new customer to a personal concierge to simplify the sign-up process.

Imagine filling out a customer satisfaction survey for your current provider. When asked to rate your satisfaction with the provider, what would they score? If you would give them anything less than a 10, it is probably time to at least consider switching to a new provider.

If you decide it is time to consider a switch, start by contacting other companies and asking questions about their services. You can learn about most companies from their websites, and the best Internet providers make it easy for new customers to connect with knowledgeable customer service agents. If you struggle to find someone helpful to talk to before you become a customer, then you cannot expect better customer service after you become a customer.

You are never obligated to make a switch after contacting other providers. Go ahead and learn more about your options. You will know the right provider for your needs when you find the right options at the right price with exceptional customer service.


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