The Pillow Pets are Coming!

Have you seen those adorable stuffed animals that fold up into pillows?  My Pillow Pets are a big topic of conversation around here everytime the commercial comes on television – the kids all point and squeal “I want that one”, “that one’s mine”, “nuh uh – I saw it first!”  Well they are just the sweetest things (the pillow pets I mean 😉 ) and my five rugrats are all attached to their pillows and want to take them everywhere so I’d have “mom of the year” sewn up if I got them each their own My Pillow Pet!  The kids just got so lucky because the company is sending me one of their new special limited edition Patriotic Pup My Pillow Pets to review and you guys DO NOT want to hear about the fighting that would ensue if we only had one so I’ve ordered four more for the other kids and I just got notice that they’ve shipped.  Don’t tell the kids though or I’ll never hear the end of it!  The good news for you (or the special kid in your life) is that they’ve also graciously offered another My Pillow Pet for a giveaway!  As soon as they get here I’m going to let the kids review them for me so I can report back to you and we’ll start the giveaway at the same time.

There are twenty different styles in addition to the Limited Edition Fourth of July Dog including jungle animals, farm animals and sea creatures.  I’ve ordered the Hungry Hippo and Lady Bug for the girls, and the Tardy Turtle and Squeaky Dolphin for the other two boys.  I think the Patriotic Pup is extra special though because $5.00 from each order will be donated to a scholarship fund for military children.  What an extra special gift these would make for children in military families!  They’re only making 3,000 of them and they’re sure to go fast so grab yours today if you’d like one, and don’t forget to check back next week for a chance to win one!


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  1. Sooooooo CUTE!!! My 5 year old grandson is here with us today, and as I was looking through the blogs I like, I came across this. He spotted it and immediately started begging me to get one for him. I think these will be a huge hit for all your kids, and other kids around the country. Being a retired military wife, I really appreciate the $5.00 donation to a scholarship fund for military children. Thank you to the My Pillow Pet people for making this possible.

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