The Commissary Has Sales Too!

Because my husband is retired Air Force, we are entitled to use the commissary in town.  While we utilize the commissary for all of our “staples” that usually don’t go on sale or have coupons at the local grocery stores (meat, milk, cheese, etc), we do save money there on their regular prices.

Was I surprised today when we made out “staples” trip to the commissary and found they were having some really good sales, as well as coupons!  The two best of the best sales were these:

Hormel Compleats – micro meals


A few years ago when our now 4 year old quadruplet grandbabies and their big 5 year old brother started eating these, they were $1.50 each at the Commissary.  The prices kept inching up and up until last few times we bought them the price was $2.00 each.  (However that’s still much cheaper than the $2.50+ that they are at the grocery stores).

WHOOHOOO!  Today the price was $1.66 each AND they had coupons that were $1/3, which would make them $1.33 each  after the coupon.  I immediately scooped up 30 of them in various meal types and 10 of the coupons.   Btw, I DID leave a few coupons for others!

The other best of the best was Jell-o brand gelatin and puddings.  All the gelatin flavors were marked down to 50 cents each, AND had coupons for 25 cents/1 of either the puddings or gelatins.  Again I gathered together about 25 assorted puddings and gelatin packages (I use a lot of Orange gelatin in an orange salad desert that my family always begs for) and 25 of the coupons.  When the commissary puts on a sale it’s usually a good one!

They had coupons and sales on Bagel Bites, Turkey Loaf, various crackers that I took advantage of also.

Oh, I also got my FREE 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk from the coupon I’d printed earlier from the great milk giveaway.


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