Terrific Ideas For Using Gelato


Whether you are an ice cream fan or not, there are a few ways to use Gelato products at home. Gelato has a smoother consistency than ice cream. You can add various flavors to the mixture, making it as bold or as healthy as you want.


One of the fun ways to serve gelato is at a party. This could be for a birthday celebration or a family get together. You can serve the treat in small cups for a child’s birthday party. Think about the flavors that the children might like, such as strawberry or chocolate. You can coordinate the colors of the gelato to go with the decorations at the party. Put the treat in fun containers that have the same designs as the theme of the party.

Another party idea involves sundaes. Place a few large bowls of gelato on a table. Try to have different flavors so that guest have a choice instead of just vanilla or something that is common. On another table, you can put sundae toppings in small bowls. Decorate the tables with cloths and other items to blend with the sundae theme. Send out invitations that look like a sundae so that guests get a glimpse of what to expect when they arrive.


When you think about a baby shower or a wedding shower, you might think about cake or mints. Since gelato has the creamier texture, it would be an ideal treat for a shower. Place the gelato in a dish that has an elegant design. You can also have a little fun with the treat by putting it in small cups with the baby shower theme or by making a cake with the gelato. Guests can add small toppings, like chocolate chips or pieces of nuts, to their gelato. Make sure you have plenty of colored plastic spoons for the guests. If you are using it at a baby shower, you can tint the color of the gelato with food coloring or ingredients that will turn the gelato to the color that relates to the gender of the baby.

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