Tasty Tuesday: Crazy for Cake Pops

My friend Lynsey from MoscatoMom.com has a Babycakes cake pop maker that she uses to create all sorts of things and she really inspired me to get one.  The cake pop maker is perfect not just for making easy homemade gifts and inexpensive party foods, but also for making smaller bite sized portions that are great for kids (like my five!) and dieters (like me).  Plus it’s SO much fun and the kids really enjoy helping out.  Here are some great ideas for using your cake pop maker:

1) Gift Bouquets

I absolutely love the idea of being able to make cake pop gift bouquets for all sorts of occasions like birthdays, teacher appreciation gifts, and for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  Using scrapbook paper inside a clear acrylic cup is a great way to create a matching display for these gorgeous brown and blue themed bouquets from Make A Whisk.

2) Weddings & Showers

These adorable bride and groom cake pops are terrific for wedding or shower favors, centerpieces, and for noting seat assignments.  There are lots of wonderful designs for weddings, like these glitter monogram pops from Cake Pop Star, and they can easily be done in the wedding colors.

3) Themed Parties

The possibilities for creating decorative cake pops for any theme are simply endless!  The beer cake and bacon frosting golf ball cake pops shown above were created by 1 Fine Cookie for a Father’s Day party, but you could make honeybee cake pops for a spring party, watermelon cake pops for a summer party, or these gorgeous baby girl cake pops for a baby shower.

4) Holidays

Cake pops are wonderful treats or gifts for any holiday like these spooky skull cake pops from The Sugar Turntable for Halloween.  Red, white and blue cake pops arranged as a flag make a great display for a 4th of July barbecue, and chocolate dipped cake pops with pretzel antlers and red hot noses make yummy Rudolph cake pops for Christmas.

5) Neat Displays

There are so many neat display ideas to choose from like this gorgeous ribbon and tulle covered cardboard “cake stand”.  You can create your own styrofoam displays or buy ready to go cardboard, wood or lucite cake pop stands.

6) Cake Pop Cakes

Creating tiered “cakes” from cake pops is a whimsical yet elegant way to display lots of cake pops for large numbers of guests.  This wedding cake made from cake pops is a neat example and is also perfect for providing different flavors, simply make each tier a flavor and display a flavor key on a card nearby.

7) Other Stuff

You can use most any kind of mix in your cake pop maker to make quick and delicious snacks like banana nut bread pops, blueberry muffin pops, and pancake pops!  My friend Lynsey even uses hers to make refrigerated cinnamon rolls from a tube and to make her own delicious version of corn dog pops.

Check out my Crazy for Cake Pops Pinterest board for many more great cake pop ideas!

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