Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Did you know that you can create a wedding registry on Amazon? By creating a registry on Amazon you can select from an endless selection of products that goes far beyond housewares all in one place – from tents and teapots to board games and bath towels.

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7 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

7 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

One of the most talked about aspects of a wedding is the flowers, and every bride growing up has no doubt dreamed of the perfect bouquet. If you are a bride on a budget but still want some beautiful blooms, there are plenty of ways to save a buck without resorting to picking your neighbors prize winning roses. Take a look below at 7 ways to save money on wedding flowers so you can get the look you want for less.

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Setting Up a Wedding Registry at Best Buy

Disclosure – This is a sponsored post and I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


I just recently spent a few days at a beach resort where there were six weddings going on over the weekend. We got to mix and mingle with groomsmen and bridesmaids galore and the wedding revelry was awesome. I’m currently single but if my boyfriend wanted to “put a ring on it” I’d be ecstatic so I thought I’d share some wedding registry ideas.

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5 Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Budget

5 Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding BudgetWeddings can be very expensive celebrations— most married couples will agree. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be so costly. We have previously discussed several ways to trim your wedding budget, and here are some more ways you might be able to save big on your big day:

1) The wedding dress

As a little girl, you may have already dreamed of the perfect wedding gown to wear down the aisle. However, you should avoid overspending on just one piece of clothing—even if it is your wedding dress. With a little patience, you’re bound to find a wedding dress you love within practically any price range. Shop around and you may just find the dress of your dreams at last-season sales or on the Internet. You may also want to consider purchasing a floor sample or even wearing a used dress! Check eBay and Craigslist or ask your family members if they have a dress that might work for you.

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4 Alternative Ideas for Your Wedding Registry

4 Alternative Ideas for Your Wedding RegistryYou’ve already got the towels, the bed sheets, and the plates. Perhaps you and your soon-to-be-spouse seem to have everything needed to completely furnish your home. If you are currently in need of things other than appliances and random knickknacks that will just end up in storage, then why not consider some alternative ideas for your registry?

1) Honeymoon

Are there no wedding funds left for a romantic honeymoon? and are free online gift registries for your honeymoon. You can list various items you can’t afford to pay for, such as airfare, accommodations, massages, and even a bottle of wine. Your guests will not only help fund your trip, but can choose to pay for a certain experience to make your honeymoon one to remember forever!

2) A home

Many couples already struggle to pay for the various wedding expenses and struggle even more to save funds for their first home. If the one thing you really need is a place to live, then take a look at sites such as, and These websites allow your family and friends to give you cash that will go towards a mortgage or down payment for your first home as husband and wife.

3) Home improvements

Do you already have a home, but lack the funds for home improvements? Stores such as Restoration Hardware and Home Depot have wedding registries for couples just like you! Check out or and sign up for their gift registry.

4) A favorite charity

If you’re feeling charitable or even financially secure, then why not ask your guests to make a donation to a good cause instead of buying you a gift? Start married life on the right foot. The and are websites that allow couples to give back to the community through their wedding.

There’s no rule that says your wedding registry has to be a traditional one. Think out of the box and sign up for registries such as those mentioned above. Your guests will be more than happy to know that their gifts are going towards something that you really need or want.

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