5 Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Budget

5 Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding BudgetWeddings can be very expensive celebrations— most married couples will agree. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be so costly. We have previously discussed several ways to trim your wedding budget, and here are some more ways you might be able to save big on your big day:

1) The wedding dress

As a little girl, you may have already dreamed of the perfect wedding gown to wear down the aisle. However, you should avoid overspending on just one piece of clothing—even if it is your wedding dress. With a little patience, you’re bound to find a wedding dress you love within practically any price range. Shop around and you may just find the dress of your dreams at last-season sales or on the Internet. You may also want to consider purchasing a floor sample or even wearing a used dress! Check eBay and Craigslist or ask your family members if they have a dress that might work for you.

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6 Smart Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget

If you are ready to tie the knot but are on a very limited wedding budget, then don’t worry. Being on a limited budget doesn’t mean that you and your groom can’t have a beautiful celebration.  Here are some great ways to trim down your wedding budget without sacrificing the wedding of your dreams:

1) Get married during an off-peak month.

The summer months are extremely popular for weddings because of the perfect weather for outdoor ceremonies. Getting married during this time of the year means higher quotes from vendors and you’ll have to adjust to their availability as well. One way to trim down your wedding budget is by choosing to hold your wedding during an off-peak time of the year. You’ll not only get better rates, but you’ll have a lot more options to choose from, too!

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