Spring Gardening 101 (Save On Veggies!)

Spring Gardening 101

I can almost feel spring in the air, almost, it’s too cold to ACTUALLY feel it but I know that it’s there just around the corner. One of my favorite things about spring is that it is time to put in a spring garden- beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables.  So if you are dreaming like I am of sunshine, hands deep in the dirt, and fresh air but you are new to gardening I have gathered some of my best tips to get you started on your first Spring garden.

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Tip for Saving Money on Fresh Vegetables

Although prepared foods are usually not the best deal, I’ve found that you can get a real bargain and save on vegetables at your grocery store’s salad bar.  Many stores have salad bars where you load up a container and pay by the pound.  This is perfect if you need say a cup of cut carrots for a stew or a few tomato slices and lettuce leaves for sandwiches.  There is no reason to pay for a full head of lettuce or a bunch of carrots if you don’t need them all.  This way you can save some money by only buying what you need, you won’t have any waste, and the veggies are already sliced and prepared for you so you’re ready to go!


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