Personalized Gifts Are Timeless


As wonderful as the holiday season is, it can also be a stressful time. One source of stress could be the uncertainty of what gifts to buy for those on your holiday gift list. A few other trying moments might arise as you strive to create a holiday home decor that is as exquisite as those you see on display or one that is unique to your design style. One way to ease some of your holiday stress comes from a tradition that started many years ago. It’s origin is explained in numerous ways, but regardless of how the tradition of hanging stockings at Christmas began, it’s a tradition that continues to delight children and adults today.

Your family on display

Each person in your family has a unique personality. The display of stockings you hang during the holidays can be a visual example of those personalities. Not only can you hang stockings that have been personalized with each person’s name, you can hang stocking that directly relate to each person’s personality. From whimsical to elegant and from camo to purple velvet, there’s a stocking that complements all personalities. Your holiday stocking display can be somewhat like a family portrait when you hang individualized stockings. You’ll want to be sure to include pet theme stockings for the furry ones in your household.

Great gifts

Personalized gifts tend to become treasured keepsakes. You can eliminate a lot of your gift selection stress when you browse through the stocking designs at a site such as 559.aspx. Matching a stocking design to a someone’s personality and having their name put on it is a thoughtful gift that is sure to reappear each year when the holiday decorations are unpacked. Long after the surprises that are placed in the stocking have been eaten or used, the stocking itself will continue to be a treasured part of each holiday season.


You can select stockings that are traditional or ones that are far beyond traditional in design to add to your holiday decor. Adding your personal touch to them makes them a more treasured part of your holiday decorations.

Decorating your home with stockings that are a display of each person’s individuality can make everyone feel special. The holidays are all about family, friends and special moments. A personalized gift can be a tangible memento that preserves those special moments.


Santa Stocking Holder Review & Giveaway

The nice people at Kirkland’s sent me this gorgeous Santa’s Sleigh Stocking Holder to review and I absolutely love it!  This sturdy metal stocking holder is a large 37″ wide by 39 1/2″ high and comes with enough hooks to hold six stockings.

We have a fireplace and we have hung our stockings there in the past but I’m always worried about marring the wood mantel with stocking holders and the kids always pull down the kind of stocking holders that just sit on top.  I really dig that we can use this one to display the stockings closer to the Christmas tree and the kids can sneak peeks without pulling everything off the mantel.  Of course it is also a fabulous display idea for those without a fireplace too!

The kids are thrilled with the Santa sleigh design and I’m excited to be able to give one away to a lucky reader!  There are no mandatory entries, just pick any of the things you’d like to do in the entry form below then click “I did this”!  The widget may take a few seconds to load so please be patient.

Click ‘more’ below to view the entry form.

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