Scrumptious Slow Cooker Ham with Chek Cola

Slow Cooker Ham with Chek Cola

Every time the holiday sales come around on ham I like to buy several and stock up the freezer. My family asks me to make them pretty often and I love when they do because I have a super simple recipe that I use and the ham always comes out tasting wonderful. Since the hams are pre-cooked and just have to be warmed up, usually in the oven for several hours, they often come out pretty dry and can be tasteless if you’re not basting from time to time while they’re cooking.

Slow Cooker Ham with Chek Cola

My super simple (and until now secret) method is to use the slow cooker and a can of soda. In the past I’d use a major name brand cola but I was recently challenged by the good people at Winn Dixie to use their Chek sodas in recipe so this time around I used Chek Cola and the ham was every bit as scrumptious! All you have to do is put your frozen ham, right out of the freezer, in the slow cooker in the morning, pour a can (or 12 ounces from a 2 liter bottle like I did) over the top of the ham put the lid on and cook on low heat for 6 to 8 hours. The best part is that you can just walk away or go to work and not worry about dinner, it will be ready when you are and when you cook the ham this way the sugars from the cola not only add some flavor, the cola also keeps it nice and juicy and the meat will be falling off the bone when you’re ready to serve dinner.


Of course there are so many more flavors of Check soda available, the private label soda brand is only available at Winn Dixie or BI-LO and is available in 26 different flavors including strawberry, peach, grape, and orange pineapple in addition to traditional favorites like cola, diet cola and root beer. There are also mixer flavors available like club soda, tonic, diet tonic, seltzer and ginger ale.

Now you can discover your favorite flavor of Chek soda and enter to win Chek soda for a year, free groceries and more!

Disclosure – I received sample products and a gift card from Winn Dixie to share this recipe and post. All opinions are my own.


SodaStream – The New Love of My Life!

I have really been wanting to try the SodaStream so I’m glad to be able to tell you that it doesn’t disappoint!  I was surprised and more than a little excited to see all of the amazing flavor choices that our SodaStream came with.  In addition to all of these tall containers of flavor syrup, we also received a dozen sample size containers (like the 4 small white ones you see above) of their most popular flavors.  The trial-sized samples contained enough to make four servings so that was more than enough for us to have a little fun with trying out the different flavors.

The SodaStream machine itself takes up very little space on the counter and is extremely simple to use.  When you initially unpack your SodaStream from the box you must first twist the carbonator into place, but then you’re ready to go!  Fill one of the two provided water bottles with regular water (I recommend using COLD water for best results) up to the fill line then screw it into place in the machine.  Push the carbonator button on the top three times then add a capful of your favorite flavor syrup, put on the lid and shake gently to mix.  We really liked all the flavors but my favorite is the Diet Cola and hubby’s is the Rootbeer.

It’s as easy as that to make your own sodas, flavored waters and energy drinks for much cheaper than you can buy them at the store.  While I’m always thrilled to find a new way to save some money, I’m also super excited about being able to reduce our use of bottles and cans.  The Clean Air Council reports that Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every HOUR.  The SodaStream provides a fabulous way to reduce our impact on the environment in addition to saving us money and making it easy for our family to stock a variety of flavors in very little space.

The SodaStream comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a two year warranty.  The really neat thing is that you can exchange or refill empty carbonators at participating retail stores or through the SodaStream website.  I found a nearby Staples and a Bed, Bath and Beyond that will exchange my canisters and they carry some select SodaMix flavors as well.  There were many local retailers in my area including J.C. Penney, Target and Best Buy who carry the SodaStream unit as well as a variety of flavors.

Disclosure – I was provided with the SodaStream and flavor syrups shown above for the purpose of facilitating this review.  I received no other compensation and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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