Save Big on Trendy Clothes and Shoes with Beyond The Rack

Beyond The Rack My tax refund just arrived in my account today so I thought I’d celebrate with a little frugal splurge and I bought two pair of $80 shoes from Beyond The Rack for just $35.93 shipped including these super cute Wild Diva Open Toe Side Buckle heels. If you haven’t tried Beyond The Rack yet, I highly recommend that you check them out. They have fabulous deals that change on a daily basis and you can find everything there from designer handbags, clothing, home decor, kitchen appliances and even toys.

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Back to School Shoe Shopping Tips

Back to School Shoe Shopping

Back to school shoe shopping is always painful for me, not just because I have five kids to buy for, but also because they have very different personalities and when faced with so many choices at the shoe store they have problems making up their minds. Plus, two of the kiddos were cursed with their mommy’s wide feet so even if they find something they like it usually isn’t available in the wide width that they need.

Back to School Shoe Shopping

Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to help take the pain out of shoe shopping for the kids. Instead of bringing all of them to the store with me, I trace each of their feet on a piece of paper. Then I use a shoe size chart that I downloaded from to determine what size they should be wearing. I like their chart the best because it also has wide width indicators.

Next I check out the newspaper and online for the best back to school shoe sales then I hit the store(s) with a list of sizes and the foot drawings for backup. I can then shop at my leisure without any begging or disappointment when they pick something that isn’t available in their size. Of course I keep in mind their favorite colors and I know who prefers Velcro to shoe strings so I can choose styles that will make them happy.

Many states have tax free shopping weekends for back to school, including Florida, so I wait until then to do the bulk of my shopping as that saves 7.5% right off the top. I also found a 20% off coupon for Shoe Station in the newspaper, plus they were having a big sale so I got everybody’s shoes with one stop today and I saved a bundle – score!


Make Your Favorite Shoes More Comfortable

Make Your Favorite Shoes More Comfortable

Shoes are one of my major weaknesses – I have a closet full of shoes and boots and I’d really hate to have to add up the total investment. But the point is that they really are an investment. Even though I have a lot of them, I actually don’t buy new shoes very often. Instead I prefer to choose classic styles and colors over fads and take good care of them so they’ll last a very long time.

Unfortunately, some of my most favorite shoes tend to be the least comfortable, especially by the end of a long day. For that reason, I really love to add my own arch supports to my best shoes to make them more comfortable. Adding arch support for shoes, like the foot petals shown above, helps to reduce foot fatigue by distributing your weight more evenly.

Since they’re very affordable, and I’m on my feet so much, I like to put arch supports in both flats and heels that are lacking in that area. I’ve tried both the reusable gel kind and the permanent ones and I prefer these stick-on kind because the permanent ones stay in place better and I don’t have to worry about cleaning and repositioning them. How about you? Do you use arch supports, or have any other tips on making your shoes more comfortable? I’d love to hear from you!

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6 Things You Shouldn’t Buy at Yard Sales

yard_sale_bearYard sales are a great place to find all sorts of treasures that you need or want, as well as those items you didn’t even realize you needed or wanted. Take note, however, that there are certain things that you should never buy at yard sales. Here are some of them:

1) Car seats

It may be tempting to save some money on a secondhand car seat, but don’t sacrifice your child’s safety for a few dollars. That car seat may have already been in an accident, which can compromise the seat’s safety and reliability.

2) Helmets

It’s perfectly fine to purchase a motorcycle or bicycle helmet that is brand new. Used helmets, on the other hand, should be avoided. Like car seats, helmets are often designed to protect the owner from one accident. If a helmet is already scratched or damaged, it’s best to prioritize your safety and buy a new one.

3) Mattresses

If you’re considering buying a used mattress at a yard sale, keep in mind that you may be paying for a lot more than just a mattress—such as bed bugs, mites, mold, and even bodily fluids.

4) Shoes

Not many people realize that when worn for a long time, shoes tend to mold to the size and shape of the owner’s feet. Even if they’re the right size secondhand shoes may not fit your feet correctly, and could potentially cause blisters or knee and back problems.

5) Cribs

Cribs often face safety recalls for various reasons, and it may be hard to figure out if a secondhand crib at a yard sale is one that should no longer be sold in stores. To be on the safe side, you’re better off purchasing a brand new crib that adheres to current safety standards.

6) Hats

Hats are rarely cleaned before being sold at yard sales. These articles of clothing may contain remnants of another person’s sweat, dead skin, hair, and sometimes even lice. Is a cheap hat worth the possible headache later on?

As irresistible as it may seem to get a good deal on a particular item, always take your health and safety into consideration first and foremost. A smart shopper is a happy shopper!

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Take 20% Your Next Famous Footwear Purchase

Grab this hot coupon now and you can take 20% off your entire purchase at Famous Footwear – shop online or print the coupon to use at the store.  This offer is good through Sunday May 13th so hurry on over!

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Reebok Toning Shoes Class Action Settlement

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reebok Settlement for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve posted several times in the past about different brands of toning shoes and I have a pair myself that are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.  You may or may not have heard that Reebok recently settled a lawsuit alleging that they violated certain state laws regarding the marketing and sale of their toning shoes and apparel.  Although Reebok denies all wrongdoing, they have settled the lawsuit for $25 million and if you’ve purchased any of the eligible toning shoes* or apparel* between December 5, 2008 and October 12, 2011 then you may be eligible to receive payment from the class action settlement.  You can read more about the Reebok settlement here or view the full press release below:

New Message

Call their toll free number at 1-888-398-5389 or click here for more information on the EasyTone Settlement and the Reebok refunds.

*Eligible Shoes:

EasyTone, RunTone, JumpTone, SlimTone, EasyTone Flip, TrainTone, and Simply Tone

*Eligible Apparel:

EasyTone Capri, EasyTone Shorts, EasyTone Sleeveless Shirt, EasyTone Pants, EasyTone Long Bra Top and EasyTone Short Sleeve Top

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Up To $15 Off Shoe Carnival Surprise Savings

Get up to an Extra $15.00 off with Shoe Carnival’s Surprise Savings!  This coupon offer is good in-store and online.  Simply print the coupon and bring it with you to the Shoe Carnival Store where you’ll find out whether you’ll get an additional $5, $10 or $15 off your purchase of $39.98 or more on top of their great sale prices. Or, you can shop online at Once your total reaches $39.98, the Surprise Savings will be automatically applied at checkout.

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Rock’n & Roll’n In a Pair of Heelys!

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a pair of Heelys wheeled shoes and my first thought was that I would LOVE  a pair for myself because they brought back vivid memories of going to the skating rink almost every Friday night when I was a kid.  The problem with that idea is that I’ve had a few anniversaries of my 39th birthday (just a few!) and I’m pretty sure that neither hubby nor the kids would be seen with me gliding through the mall or the grocery store.  Soooo, I gave in and ordered a pair of the Stingray two wheeled shoes for my seven year old son because I figured the Velcro closures would be easy for him to handle, and two wheels would be easier for him to learn to skate with.

Unfortunately, Jacob has inherited my wide feet (thanks a lot grandma!) so I was a little nervous about whether or not they’d actually fit when they got here, but they fit him just fine and he was SO excited when he opened the box and saw his stylin’ new kicks.  He immediately put them on and wanted to try them out in the kitchen, but I talked him into doing some practice maneuvers in the garage.  Here’s a little video of his first time wearing the Heelys – he had a blast even though he ended up on his booty a time or two.


We have since checked out the Heelys Footwear Tricktionary where they have lots of info and videos on “Heeling” and Jacob has gotten much better at it, to the point where it’s hard to get him to take the shoes off!  If only they fit me too!

There may a solution to mommy (and his little brothers) coveting his Heelys though, because they’re having a fabulous back to school sale starting Friday, September 2nd through the 5th where you can buy one pair of Heelys and get a second pair for only $30!  So if you’ve been wanting a pair for yourself or your kids, then this weekend will be your best opportunity to get a great deal on them.  There are lots of styles and colors to choose from, including these pretty pink and black ones that I’ve had my eye on 😉

Disclosure:  I was provided with a pair of Heelys for the purpose of facilitating this review.  I have received no other compensation and all thoughts and comments are my own.


Skechers Shape Up Gray/Pink $50 Shipped!

I have really been wanting to try a pair of shape up sneakers, unfortunately they’re still not in my budget but these SKECHERS Shape Ups Action Packed Gray/Pink shoes are a fabulous deal at just $49.99 with free shipping.  If you’ve also been coveting a pair then you may want to check these out as they’re regularly priced at $110.


Sears $1M Shoe Savings Event + Extra 15% Off is having a huge $1 million shoe savings event with all sandal prices at up to 50% off PLUS you can take an additional 15% off and FREE shipping with promo code SEARSAPRIL15 through April 29th.  Prices start at a mere $3.99 before the discount and there are styles and sizes available for the whole family.  I picked these for myself for $10.19 and I’m picking out summer shoes for the kids while I’m at it!


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