Tuesday Tips: How to Save on Milk

Even though my kids are so close together in age (the quads are five and my oldest is six), it’s amazing how different they are and how much their tastes vary.  My two identical boys are even completely different – for example, one will only drink milk and the other will only drink grape or apple juice, no exceptions for either of them!  Well yesterday we ran out of milk and when my son started crying for some I broke down and paid a whopping $6 for a gallon from the closest convenience store, inspiring today’s episode of Tuesday Tips – How to Save on Milk!

Shop Around – you’ll need to look around to find the best deals on milk in your area.  Check with warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, or your local discount grocery store, but also keep an eye out for drugstore sales that often run loss leader promotions to bring in customers.

Pick the Cheapest Brand – most stores carry more than one brand of milk and there is nothing wrong with always picking the cheapest.  Also check to be sure which size is cheapest per ounce.  Sometimes half gallon sizes might be on a better sale, or you may be able to pick up a two-pack on special.

Switch to Low Fat or Skim – the higher the fat content in the milk the more expensive it is, so switching to a lower fat variety can save you money and it has the added benefit of being healthier as well.

Stock Up & Freeze It – when you do manage to find a great deal on milk buy an extra gallon or two and freeze it!  The lower fat varieties freeze best, just remove a little bit from the jug before freezing to allow for expansion.  When you’re ready to use the milk allow it to thaw completely and shake well to redistribute the milk fat.

Make Your Own Chocolate Milk – don’t pay extra for pre-mixed chocolate milk.  The price increase over regular white milk is substantial and you can cheaply and easily make your own with chocolate syrup or powdered mixes.


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