Sarah’s Quick Trip Into Publix 2/21

My 5 year old grandson loves to spend weekends with Papaw and Mamaw, so we usually pick him up Saturday morning and take him back home Sunday night.  Well, last night we needed milk, so I decided to run into Publix quick for a gallon of milk (Publix is on our way home, so no big deal in stopping for one item).

When I walked in I immediately saw the BOGO bins in front of the store – they’re always located so you’d have to walk into them if you didn’t make a turn to get around them.  The first thing I saw were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite food in the world!) – packages of 6 of the 2 per pkg ones, on sale BOGO, so I had no choice but to pick up two of those.  Then a little further down the row of bins I found boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese on sale for .59 each (savings of .74 each).  My quadruplet 4 year old grandbabies LOVE mac & cheese – and most especially if it has SpongeBob on the outside.   Well, I threw 10 of them into my cart (should have bought more I guess at that price, but I was only going in for a gallon of milk)!

My total bill at Publix for last nights’ “quick trip” was $13.28 and my savings was $11.59.  Whoohoo – and I didn’t even have my loaded CouponClutch with me, or I might have been able to save a few more pennies!


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