Hot Promo! Let RetailMeNot Buy Your Shopping Cart

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Let RetailMeNot Buy Your Shopping Cart

I’m a huge fan of RetailMeNot and I always start every online shopping trip with them to see if there are any specials or promo codes that I can use. I’m excited to announce that from now through August 31st any purchase by a registered member of RetailMeNot has a 1 in 10 shot to get paid back in full!

How it works:

1.       Become a RetailMeNot member for free or log in  to your account

2.       Use a coupon from RetailMeNot to make an online purchase

3.       If you win, they will email you a VISA Virtual Rewards Card

These are great odds and it’s that easy – shop to win! Start shopping now.

In addition to this fabulous promotion you’ll receive other great benefits of membership, including:

  • Receive first-look alerts for “super coupons,” limited quantity, deeply discounted special offers from top retailers, including restaurants
  • Access to weekly newsletters that promote RetailMeNot’s top online and in-store digital coupons
  • Ability to receive recognition for helping other users of RetailMeNot save by submitting digital coupons
  • Ability to track your savings when using RetailMeNot digital coupons

Click here for more information, terms and conditions.


Make Your Online Shopping Time More Rewarding

Make Your Online Shopping Time More RewardingHow would you like to be paid for the things that you are going to be doing online anyway? What if you could get paid to do nothing more than make specific searches or play games? These are things that you probably do everyday already, using your computer, your phone or a tablet, so you might as well benefit from them.

When you use Swag Bucks, you get paid in a global currency that can be used online. After you accumulate enough Swag Bucks, you can use them on online shopping sites to purchase things that you also needed to get anyway. For example, you might be able to buy things like new shoes or software programs. These are not frivolous purchases since you know that you need them, but getting them with your Swag Bucks means that you do not have to spend any actual money. In a way, you are getting these items for free.

This is a great deal since it can help you stay within your budget and get things that you otherwise may not have been able to afford. On top of this, you can even get Swag Bucks for your online shopping purchases. The Internet has revolutionized the way that people shop in recent years. You can now buy things for incredibly competitive prices since there are so many different vendors. You can have those items shipped to your door so that, as long as you have a few days to wait, you never have to go through the hassle of going out and picking them up.

Now, with Swag Bucks, you can actually get paid to spend your money. After a certain point, you can turn your shopping itself into free items that you buy with this online currency. The best part about this whole system is that it is a cycle. You can get Swag Bucks for being online, and then you can spend them online, getting real, tangible goods in return. As a result, you will spend more time on the Internet, which can easily be translated into more Swag Bucks, leading you to more purchases. The whole system is set up in your favor.

There are many different kinds of online shopping rewards our there, but none of them give you the flexibility that Swag Bucks can provide. If you are given airline miles, for example, you have to use them on tickets. With this online currency, you get to choose what you buy. You get a say in how your rewards are used. You are no longer at the mercy of the company offering the rewards. This whole system is easy to use, adding another great element to online shopping.


5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

I’m a huge fan of online shopping – I’m a work at home mom with five young kids so I don’t get out an awful lot, plus it’s so much easier to compare prices and find exactly what I want online. Not to mention the savings in time and gas. Here are five simple tips to help make sure that you’re being safe while shopping online.

1) Buy from reputable stores

Always shop with reputable stores and online sellers. If you’re shopping at a site that you’ve never heard of before, you can always check them out at independent organizations like TRUSTe or Better Business Bureau Online to make sure they’re legitimate and don’t have lots of complaints against them.

2) Don’t give much information

No reputable seller or retailer will ever ask for your password or social security number. Always give out as little information as possible, and never send your credit card information via email because it is not secure.

3) Look for the padlock symbol

Websites that use secure online store software will display a padlock symbol in your web browser’s address bar to indicate it is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted and safe to transmit your private data. Also be sure that the web address starts with https:// instead of http:// for your protection.

4) Make sure your browser is updated

Whether you use Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or some other web browser, be sure that you keep it updated to the latest version. Having an up to date browser ensures that you have the latest and best protection available. Check your browser settings to confirm that you have the latest version.

5) Use malware protection

Install malware protection software like Norton Internet Security or Bitdefender to protect your computer from attacks that could stem from an unsecure online shopping session. Although malware can’t protect you from all attacks, it can provide you with a good baseline of protection.

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Online Shopping With CouponCodes4U

I'm a huge fan of online shopping – you can buy practically anything you want online without ever leaving your house, you save on gas, and you have the means to compare prices and read reviews right at your fingertips!  I've actually purchased everything from batteries to cars on the Internet.

No matter what you're wanting to purchase, you should also always search for a coupon code before you complete your purchase so you get the best deal possible.  To sum it up, here are the three steps to getting the best deal online:

1)  Compare prices
2)  Read reviews
3)  Search for coupon codes

For example, I typically buy my business cards from Vistaprint but I always compare prices first before buying any and then I search for coupon codes to get the best possible Vistaprint discount.  It's always terrific to get a discount on something you were going to buy anyway!

Here's another great money saving strategy.  Instead of buying wine at the store, compare prices on your favorite brands then search online to see if you can get a great deal using a promo code.

CouponCodes4U is one of the most popular coupon code websites and they have over 200,000 active coupons and deals currently listed.  You can browse by category, search the database for your product or retailer or you can check out the lists of the top 50 coupon codes, the best sales and discounts and the list of exclusive discount codes.

Disclosure – This is a sponsored post on behalf of CouponCodes4U, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Online Shopping: How to Save Money with Rebates

Do you love online shopping? If you do, then rebating is something you should do regularly. Rebates are a wonderful way to stretch your budget a little further, as well as try out new products and shop at new stores!

If you’re a newbie to the world of rebating, then don’t worry. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use a trusted rebate or cashback site.

The first thing you need to do is find a steady source of rebates. You may want to try popular websites like Ebates, zuuzs, Mr. Rebates, BigCrumbs and FatWallet. Different rebate or cashback sites are affiliated with different stores, so be sure you choose a website that can get you rebates on your favorite stores!

2. Signing up is easy.

In most cases, signing up for a rebate site is as easy as entering your email address or creating a user name and password. You can usually start shopping as soon as you’ve set up your account.

3. You can start shopping with your rebate site.

Log in and start shopping! Make sure that you begin your shopping session at your rebate site. Always click first on your store’s link through the rebate or cashback website.

4. Shop like you normally would.

When you get to the store’s website you will just shop as you normally would. Put items in your cart and pay for them when you’re done. You won’t see any difference—so don’t panic if nothing extraordinary happens.

5. Check the rebate site later on.

At some later point, your rebate information will show up on your account. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks, depending on the store and the site you are signed up with.

6. Request for your rebate.

A site member usually needs to reach a minimum amount before rebates can be released. Once you’ve reached this amount, simply request your rebate and wait. Sites use various methods to send over rebates, such as via check or PayPal. Some sites even allow you to donate your rebates to charity!

7. Refer your friends.

Referrals aren’t required—but most rebate sites offer bonuses if your friends or family members sign up with them and also make a purchase.

As you can probably tell by now, rebating doesn’t take a lot of extra time or effort. It’s free to do and really is that simple. You’ll save money whenever you shop online, and all you need to do is make a few extra clicks!

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4 of the Best Ways to Save When Online Shopping

Millions of people around the world are hooked on online shopping—and with good reason. By shopping online, you waste no time or gas driving from mall to mall in search of a particular item. The great news for smart shoppers is that you not only save time, but a little money too.

These are some of the best ways to save a little money when shopping online:

1) Use online coupons.

Coupons aren’t just for your local grocery store. Thousands of online retailers accept discount and coupon codes, which can get you anything from 5+% off on your purchase to free shipping. Most retailers only accept one promotional code at a time, so be sure to look for the best one!

2) Shop on cash back websites.

Another great way to save a little money on online shopping is to use cash back websites. These sites will give you a monetary reward for your purchase, which you will often receive in the form of bank checks, bank transfers or gift vouchers.

3) Compare prices.

One of the greatest things about online shopping is that you can easily compare prices from the comforts of your own home. With a little extra effort, you’re likely to find that you can get a much better deal on a particular item at another website. You may also want to try using online comparison sites like Shopzilla and PriceGrabber to make your search more efficient.

4) Buy in bulk.

Why not stock up on presents for birthdays, weddings or even the holiday season? Most online retailers will offer you free shipping or even a percentage discount once your total bill has reached a certain amount. Of course, only buy items in bulk if you’re sure to use them!

Living frugally doesn’t mean that you have to give up shopping completely. Living frugally just means that you need to pay more attention to your spending habits and decisions. Try keeping a record of your savings from shopping online, and marvel at the amount of money you’ll have saved in a year’s time!

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Using Online Research to Save Money!

One way to spend smart is to always do your research! Before making a major purchase (or any purchase, really), look up all the information you can. As part of the techno-generation, I LOVE running a quick Google search on any product that I’m on the fence about, and reading what people have to say about it. There was one time I was ready to drop $60 on a new curling iron because the salon lady had talked it up so much . . until I went online. After reading dozens upon dozens of reviews about it being hard to use, unnatural looking, and easy to burn yourself with, obviously I decided it was not worth the money and moved on. And not spending money is the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to save money.

Now remember, even great products will sometimes have scathingly bad reviews. If one person in a hundred hates what you’re looking at, chances are they couldn’t figure out how to turn it on, misused or broke it, or bought entirely the wrong thing. So look at reviews in chronological order, or just make sure you’re reading a balanced amount that accurately reflects what the majority thinks of your product.

If you’re not sure which brand or version of a product you want, is a good place to start. Though it doesn’t have personal testimonials, it has a totally unbiased list of pros and cons for almost every product out there, as well as lists of the best of several big categories (and even specific subcategories) also is known for helpful customer reviews on specific products, and has saved me from many bad purchases! It also helps with price quotes so you can compare and save. And don’t limit yourself to just online reviews – friends and family can give equally helpful testimonies to help you figure out if a product is right for you!

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