6 Ways to Be Frugal at the Workplace

6 Ways to Be Frugal at the Workplace

You may not be paying the electric bill or water bill in the office, but that doesn’t give you the right to be wasteful. If you are practicing frugality and energy saving techniques at home, then why not do the same at your workplace?  Your efforts are sure to be noticed and appreciated by those in charge.  Here are some ways you can be frugal at your office:

1) Turn off the lights when leaving a room.

Is your meeting over? Turn off the lights whenever you leave a conference room or office. The simple act of flipping a light switch can significantly reduce your company’s overhead expenses and energy usage.

2) Do away with the hard copy.

Think twice before printing a document, try storing documents on your computer instead. By reducing the number of pages you print on a daily basis, you are saving a lot of paper, ink and money.  If you absolutely must print a document, try to print on both side of the paper. Some other ways you can use less paper are by keeping your documents single-spaced, choosing smaller fonts and font sizes, and decreasing the document’s margins.

3) Go potluck.

Instead of going out to lunch as a team, why not have a potluck lunch in your office instead? Create a fun theme (such as “breakfast for lunch”) and have everyone bring in a dish from home. If you have officemates who don’t want to cook, then ask them to bring in utensils, ice, or drinks.

4) Bring your own glass, mug or thermos.

If you’re a heavy (water, tea or coffee) drinker, then bring a glass, mug or thermos to use at the office. Think of all the paper and Styrofoam cups you can save!

5) Upgrade or repair when possible.

Many offices replace computers, printers and other pieces of office equipment when they start acting up or slowing down. Take time to identify the cause of the problem and see if it’s possible to extend your computer or printer’s life by repairing it or upgrading it. Your computer, for example, may just need to be reformatted or need an increase in RAM.

6) Spend company money sparingly.

If you’re going out of town and are given a generous per diem to cover your daily expenses, there’s no reason to spend it all. You can treat yourself to a grand meal every now and then, but there’s no reason to eat at posh restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It may not be your money, but you should spend it like it was your own.

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6 Smart Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget

If you are ready to tie the knot but are on a very limited wedding budget, then don’t worry. Being on a limited budget doesn’t mean that you and your groom can’t have a beautiful celebration.  Here are some great ways to trim down your wedding budget without sacrificing the wedding of your dreams:

1) Get married during an off-peak month.

The summer months are extremely popular for weddings because of the perfect weather for outdoor ceremonies. Getting married during this time of the year means higher quotes from vendors and you’ll have to adjust to their availability as well. One way to trim down your wedding budget is by choosing to hold your wedding during an off-peak time of the year. You’ll not only get better rates, but you’ll have a lot more options to choose from, too!

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How to Save Money Using the Internet

These days it is very possible to save a significant amount of money using the Internet. You simply need to think of the various ways you can utilize your computer and Internet connection.  Here are some ways the World Wide Web can make your monthly paycheck go further:

1) Shop around.

The Internet is brimming with information, and all you have to do is search for what you need. Whether you are planning to buy a new microwave oven or a brand new car, doing online price comparisons will help you find the best deals and help you save a lot of money. It also helps to search for reviews on a particular product to see if the product is worth purchasing.

If you love to purchase things online, then you definitely should take advantage of sites that help you get the most bang for your buck. Some great places to visit are RetailMeNot.comFreeShipping.org, FatWallet.com and Coupons.com.

2) Reduce your phone bill.

You’ve probably heard of Skype—well there’s a reason that it’s so popular. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Skype is just one of the many programs that allows you to make calls over the Internet. You can even make video calls! Say goodbye to expensive, traditional calls on the telephone. Skype-to-Skype calls are completely free, and sound quality isn’t compromised one bit.

3) Stream TV shows and movies.

Let’s face it—your household can survive without a television. Television shows and movies can be found on the World Wide Web, and the best part is that you can watch these shows on your own time. Sites such as Redbox and Netflix won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and Crackle and Hulu are great for streaming television shows.

4) Do away with MP3 players.

Who needs hundreds of CDs and expensive MP3 players with excessive amounts of space when you can stream your music straight from your phone or laptop? Of course, you might have to deal with the occasional advertisement, but that’s a small price to pay. Try signing up with sites like Spotify and Songza, and you’ll never have to buy another music CD again.

5) Telecommute.

If your company allows or encourages telecommuting, then by all means, try it out. You’ll not only save precious time by working from home on your personal Internet connection, but you’ll also save hundreds of dollars on gas, parking and food expenses each year.

These are just some of the many, many ways that you can save money with the help of the Internet. With a little resourcefulness, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless!  How do you use the Internet to save money?


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