Final Numbers for March – Saved $641.25

Well I think it was another good month budget-wise.  We still have quite a bit of food in the freezer so I'm hoping that we'll be able to do this well and come in below our monthly budget of $300 in April too. For the month of March we spent $178.78 to buy $820.03 worth of groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 79% off! That equates to an average of just 85 cents per person per day for the month for our family of seven!  According to the spreadsheet we've spent $659.96 so far this year for $3,387.20 worth of stuff, or 81% off.


Final Numbers for March – Saved $1,131.03

We participated in January’s Clean Out Your Cupboard Challenge, even extended it as far as we could into February and I’m really impressed with the good habits that we’ve taken away from the challenge.  Our monthly budget is $375 and even though we’d been holding way back in January and February due to the challenge, we were still able to finish out March way under budget.  We STILL need to get going on another freezer cooking day pretty soon so I’ll likely spend most of the budget on meat in April!  We spent $264.68 in March to purchase $1,389.67 worth of groceries, toiletries and household goods, for a savings of $1,131.03 or 81% off.


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