My Kids Are #FreeToBe Adventurous with All Free & Clear

All Free & Clear

It’s already getting pretty warm here in Northwest Florida and the kids are really enjoying their outdoor time. They had a blast at a family cookout this past weekend and I loved seeing them have such a great time, but boy can they produce some laundry! Between all the towels they used, a couple changes of clothes, and their bathing suits it’s not difficult to come up with a load or two of laundry in a days’ time. I’m confident that with all free clear laundry detergent we’re getting all the pool chemicals out of their clothes without adding anymore harsh chemicals to the mix.

All Free & Clear

A couple of the kids take after their mommy in that they have sensitive skin and some laundry detergents tend to make us itchy so I love this all free clear Oxi with Stainlifters. It is free of perfumes and clear of dyes so it’s tough on stains but gentle on our skin. With the summer months coming the kids will be doing lots of field trips and activities in their annual summer camp and they swim at least a couple times a week there so our usual mountain of laundry will be growing tremendously.

When I was a kid we spent all of our spare time outside doing all sorts of fun things like building forts, catching tadpoles, playing hide and seek and jumping in mud puddles. Those are things my kids don’t seem to get enough time to do between our busy schedules and having their attention divided between all the screens in their lives – tablets, TV, computer games, XBox. I’m thrilled that with this beautiful spring and summer weather they get a chance to participate in all their favorite outdoor adventures. It’s wonderful that they are #FreeToBe kids, that they can get messy, dirty, muddy and wet but we don’t have to worry their clothes or the laundry because all free clear is tough on stains but still gentle enough for the whole family.


7 Laundry Tips to Make Your Life Easier

All Free & Clear

My kids love to play outside and I’m so happy that they get time away from their screens – TV, computer, Xbox, tablets – every day, even though it means that I do LOTS of laundry. A couple of the kids take after their mommy in that they have sensitive skin and some laundry detergents tend to make us itchy so I love this all free clear Oxi with Stainlifters. It is free of perfumes and clear of dyes so it’s tough on stains but gentle on our skin.

All Free & Clear

Whether you do a lot of laundry like I do or just a load or two a week, here are some great tips for making your laundry chores easier to handle.

1) Keep Your Sneakers from Banging

If you’re washing tennis shoes but can’t stand the banging noise they make in the dryer, tie the shoe strings together and wedge them in the dryer door when closing it so the shoes stay in one place while drying. You could also consider buying a dryer sneaker bag that attaches to the inside of the door if you wash a lot of tennis shoes.

2) Keep Dark Clothes from Fading

You know that you should wash all of your dark clothes together, but if you turn them inside out before washing it will help keep them from fading.

3) Help Sweaters Keep Their Shape

Let your sweaters air dry on a flat surface, not on a hanger, so that they will maintain their original shape.

4) Remove Wrinkles Faster When Ironing

Mix five parts water and one part fabric softener in a spray bottle and spray your wrinkled clothes when ironing to make the job easier. If ironing delicate fabrics moisten a handkerchief with the spray bottle and lay it on top of the wrinkles before ironing.

5) Help for Extra Dirty Clothes

Pre-soak any extra dirty or grimy clothes in a tub of water overnight before washing. For ring around the collar use a small clean paintbrush and “paint” laundry detergent along the line then wash as usual.

6) Prevent Color Bleed

If one of your garments bleeds onto others in a load of wash don’t let the discolored items dry. Instead, remove the garment that caused the problem and wash the load again.

7) Wash the Right Sized Load

Be careful not to over or under load your washer because you’ll waste energy and the clothes won’t get as clean as they should. Plus when you dry them a too large load won’t allow air to circulate properly and too small of a load will reduce the tumbling action and actually make the clothes take longer to dry.


6 Simple Laundry Secrets to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

One of the best ways to make the most out of your hard-earned money is to take good care of things you already own.

Here are simple laundry secrets that are sure to help make your clothes last longer:

1. Treat stains as soon as possible

The secret to successfully getting rid of stains is to treat them as soon as you can. Vinegar, dishwashing liquid and shampoo are great stain removers! You can also carry a stain removal pen in your pocket or purse for when you’re on the go. Once the stain has been treated, simply wash the article of clothing as you normally would.

2. Keep them closed

Buckles and metal zippers easily snag on other clothing items. Make sure no zippers on jackets and pants are left unzipped during washing and drying.

3. Turn your clothes inside out

When clothing is turned inside out, buttons and zippers of shirts and pants are on the inner side, preventing them from damaging other items of clothing. Pants, especially jeans, are also often turned inside out during washing and drying so that they retain their dark color.

4. Don’t take color separation lightly

If you’ve got loads of laundry to deal with, don’t be tempted to just stuff everything in the machine all at once. Reds and blues tend to fade easily, and the last thing you want is for your favorite white shirt to turn light pink. At the very least, do a separate load of laundry for dark-colored clothes and a separate one for light-colored clothes.

5. Keep delicates in a bag

Underwear is pretty expensive—so you need to make the most out of it! Keep your delicates in a mesh bag or even an old pillowcase closed with two or three safety pins. This is also a great way to keep socks together during the entire washing and drying process.

6. Wash your clothes in cold water

Cold water is much gentler on clothing compared to hot water, since hot water tends to weaken clothing fibers such as elastic. Hot water can also cause shrinking for some fabrics, and can turn temporary stains into permanent ones. Apart from cleaning your clothes, cold water also uses less energy and is a whole lot cheaper!

Doing the laundry may seem like an even more grueling task now—but the extra effort will definitely go a long way. Follow the tips above and you’ll keep your clothes in great condition for years to come!

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