iPhone 6 Giveaway from Baby’s Brilliant

Babys Brilliant Donates to Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Baby’s Brilliant is donating 25% of their proceeds this month because they are here to make a difference!  The people at Baby’s Brilliant are parents so they know the many things we through as parents! Check out the app they created to ease the pain for many parents and help calm their little loved ones, especially when they are just going through the blues. The app has videos of every day life for babies and toddlers set to classical music, from the most beloved composers. The children learn while being entertained and the app is even available in several languages

You can help them accomplish some of the amazing things they are doing like giving away iPads at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles by supporting their app. Even a small purchase of their products through the app store will go a long way! Now Baby’s Brilliant is also giving you the chance to win an iPhone 6 – simply do as many of the things in the list below as you’d like. The more entries, the higher your chances of winning!

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Informed Medical Decisions with the Free Healthgrades App

 Disclosure – I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Healthgrades. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating”

Healthgrades app

We just recently moved to another state and I had to find a new doctor for one of my kids who takes a maintenance medication for his ADHD and has to visit the doctor every three months for a new prescription. I had asked a friend whose son has the same issue for a recommendation but the doctor she referred me to had moved so I was stuck and needed a good doctor pretty quick.

I turned to the free Healthgrades iPhone app and was able to search through several local doctors to find the right one at a great location for us. The great thing about the app is that you can also read reviews on doctors and hospitals from other patients, plus you can keep track of your caregivers and appointments all in one spot. We’re very happy with my son’s new doctor and I’m glad to have found Healthgrades for help with the referral!


Review: Otterbox Case for iPhone 5

Otterbox iPhone 5 Case

I’ve had an iPhone 4 for quite awhile and even though I’ve been coveting a new iPhone 5, there was nothing wrong with my old phone so I’ve been trying to be patient about getting a new one. Since the day I got my 4 I’ve had it in an Otterbox Defender case which has protected it very well over the last couple years, so when I got the opportunity to review a new Otterbox case I figured that was the perfect excuse to get a new phone. That makes tons of sense right?

A new iPhone 5 starts at $199, when you sign a new contract, and I found out that I could get $160 from Gazelle for my old iPhone 4 so that made the decision to get a new phone very easy for me. The great part is, that my old Otterbox case kept the phone in nearly pristine condition so I was able to trade it in for a decent amount of money.

Otterbox iPhone 5 Case

Although I really liked my old pink Otterbox case, and am very pleased with how well it protected my phone, I didn’t like that the outer part of the case was very flexible and began to stretch a little over time from repeatedly opening and closing the covers over the charger and ear bud areas. The new cases are made from a different type of plastic that isn’t nearly as flexible so I believe that they’ve corrected that little issue.

My girls helped me pick out my new case and I’m very happy with this two tone purple and violet one that they selected. You can find Otterbox cases in most major retail outlets, but the thing I like best about their website is that you can build your own case by mixing and matching any of the available inner and outer cover colors to match your own unique style.

Frankly, I wouldn’t use anything less than an Otterbox Defender case on my precious new phone. The case has three layers of protection with a scratch resistant face and is intended to help protect your phone from moisture intrusion and impact damage. I’m so happy with all my Otterbox products that I also just bought a case for hubby’s mini iPad and I’m very happy to recommend their products to others.

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Save a Bundle with the New RetailMeNot App

RetailMeNot iPhone App

You all know that I’m a huge fan of RetailMeNot and I start every online purchase with a visit to their website to find any available promotions or coupon codes, well now I’m thrilled to announce that they have a new mobile app that will help you Save When You Want, Where You Want!™

Not only is RetailMeNot the largest online coupon site in the United States, they also provide the ability to search for location based coupons while you’re out shopping. Download the latest version of the RetailMeNot iPhone app here and you can use your phone to find the hottest deals at popular stores, plus it even identifies nearby store locations where you can go to redeem in-store coupons.

When you use the RetailMeNot iPhone app you can even save coupons to your phone for later use, and the app will notify you when they’re about to expire so you’ll never miss out on using your favorites! Another one of the really cool new features is the geo-fence ability, that’s where there is a virtual perimeter around a physical store location so when you enter a geo-fenced area like a shopping mall, you’ll be immediately alerted about other nearby specials.

In other exciting news, RetailMeNot is giving away an iPhone 5 every day through Monday, November 26th. Click here to enter! So go enter to win, download the app, then head out to grab some great savings!

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High Tech Fun With Cypher Kids Cards

Cypher Kids Cards

My two seven year old daughters were thrilled to have a “girl’s day out” with mommy earlier this week, we went to lunch, ran some errands and stopped by Target to do some shopping. Each of my quads got a $5 Target gift card from a friend for their birthday last month so the girls were ecstatic to stop by the dollar aisle and buy a few things with their own money, but they were even more excited when they got to help me pick out some Cypher Kids Club Interactive Cards!

Cypher Kids Cards

The Cypher Kids Augmented Reality Cards come with an app that can be used with an iPod Touch (4th gen or newer), iPhone 4 (or newer), and iPad2 (or newer) and they’re available in three varieties – Wild Animal Adventures, Letters and Numbers. My girls picked out the Wild Animal Adventure cards and I knew that their brothers would love to play with them as well.

Cypher Kids Cards

They couldn’t wait to check out the cards and even started asking me to download the app before we left the store. I asked them to please be patient since the boys hadn’t come with us on our day out, I thought it would just be nice to wait and let them help open the package so we could all learn how to use the cards together.

Cypher Kids Cards

The kids are always begging to play with my phone but it’s nearly attached to my hand so I hate to let it go, but it makes them happy and keeps them entertained so we compromise. But I really don’t want them to mess with ‘my’ apps or spend ‘my’ Smurfberries so I’m very happy for them to have their own apps and games to play with. There are 18 different wild animal cards including a lion, dolphin, giraffe, polar bear, elephant, monkey and many more!

Cypher Kids Cards

The kids all selected a couple of cards each and got busy learning how to use the app. It was super simple, just click explore, select your animal and point the camera at the card. They got the hang of it very quickly and loved watching their selected animal pop up on the screen in 3D and move around while the app was also telling the kids fun facts and making animal noises. We’ve been having lots of fun learning about animals and their habitats, and taking screen shots of them in action. You can let the kids get in the picture with their animal or take them outside in the yard like we did with this parrot. We all give the Cypher Kids Cards two thumbs up and I think they’d make a great gift this holiday season! They’re available at select Target stores and you can also check out Cypher Entertainment on Twitter and Facebook.

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Earn Bonus Box Tops and Cash with Jingit

Shopping with the Jingit app

My kids really enjoy collecting Box Tops for Education for their school and they make sure that their grandparents, aunt and other family members are all involved as well. A couple times a year the PTO treats the grade level that brings in the most Box Tops to an in-school party and they always look forward to that so don’t EVER let them catch you accidentally throwing a Box Top away. Ours is a small country school without many resources, and like all schools these days, operates on a very limited budget. That makes the Box Tops for Education program even more appreciated because those funds are used for things like playground equipment, supplies and other things that are usually first to be cut from the budget.

When I learned about the Jingit app and how it helps you earn extra Box Tops for the school of your choice, I was thrilled to try it out and share it with you! Jingit is a tech startup company that connects brands like General Mills with consumers and gives them a way to pay you back just for paying attention to them. All you have to do is sign up for a free account, designate the school you want to receive the Box Tops, and download the app to your Android device, iPhone or iPad.

Once you get to the store you check in with the app and you’ll see a list of participating items that you can scan for bonus Box Tops.  I went shopping at Walmart and used the app while in the store to earn extra Box Tops on things I was buying anyway. All you do is scan a product from the list in the app, then answer a survey question afterward and the Box Tops are automatically credited to your account. Simply tap the product in the list, point your camera at the barcode, and the app will scan the product and credit your account.

Shopping with the Jingit app

I picked up several Totino’s Party Pizzas while in the store and was stoked to see that these packages all had extra Box Tops on them in addition to the bonus Box Tops that I got just for scanning them. When I checked into the app later on from home I was surprised to see that it was actually encouraging me to scan those products again from home for even more rewards! Win – win – win!

Shopping with the Jingit app

I was so excited to be earning extra Box Tops for the kids’ school that I didn’t realize right away I was also earning rewards for myself! You can earn up to $10 in cash rewards each week, up to $15 a week if you refer some friends, just for watching a few videos, scanning products and answering simple questions. Get a Jingit Visa debit card to spend your cash rewards or you can use the funds to buy your favorite music in iTunes. I scanned some products – Honey Nut Cheerios, Go-Gurt, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and Totino’s Party Pizzas – watched a couple videos and I already have a balance of $4.10! Head on over to get your free Jingit account so you can earn some extra cash for yourself and Box Tops for your local school.

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iPhone iPod or iPad Cable and Charger Set $5 Shipped!

Here’s a hot deal on a USB AC Home Wall and Car Charger plus Data Cable for iPod, iPhone and iPad for only $4.99 with free shipping!  This set regularly retails for $19.99 so the sale price is a whopping 75% off, a fabulous price for a spare set.

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6 Pk iPad iPhone or iPod Cables Just $5 Shipped!

Here's a hot deal on a 6 Pack of iPad, iPhone and iPod Data Sync Cables for just $5 with free shipping! Six of these cables regularly retails for $59.99 so this deal is a whopping 92% off. Now you can have extra cables for work, home and on the road or anywhere else you might need one.

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Listen to Your iPhone or iPod on Car Radio for $13!

I saw this and thought it was the neatest thing!  This Belkin FM Transmitter TuneCast Auto LIVE Music + Car Charger lets you listen to the music on your iPhone, iPod or iPad through the radio in your car and it charges your device at the same time.  I’m really good at putting music and podcasts on my phone, but not very good at listening to it later.  On the other hand I always have the radio on in the car and I figure this would give me a way to quit complaining that every time I get in the car the same song is on.  It regularly retails for $59.99, but you can grab a great deal on this refurbished model for only $12.50 plus free shipping!

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Earn Rewards While You Shop With Your Phone!

I have a terrible addiction problem – I can’t help but checkin on my iPhone everywhere I go!  I’m the mayor of so many places that it’s really pretty sad.  One day I left the house without my phone and it was the worst day ever!  I couldn’t checkin anywhere and I just didn’t feel right the whole day.  My husband thinks I’m crazy because checking in doesn’t really get me anything except a collection of badges, but now I’m ready to show him! 

I recently found a new app called Checkpoints that is so much more fun than the apps I’m used to checking in with, and it actually rewards me for doing the things I’m already doing anyway! 

Here’s how it works – you earn points for checking in on the app using your smart phone when you go places, and you get even more points for scanning items with your phone while you’re shopping.  You also get coins when you scan items that you can use to play in-app games where you can win up to 150,000 bonus points.  The best part is that you can redeem your points for great stuff like gift certificates to your favorite stores and restaurants, airline miles and even all the hottest electronics and gadgets!

If you have an iPhone or an Android smart phone then I highly recommend checking out the free Checkpoints app so you too can earn rewards while you shop!  Use the referral code shopperstrategy in the “bonus code” field when you register and you’ll automatically get 150 free bonus points to get started.


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