Grab a Great ibotta Deal on OREO Thins Bites & ID OREO Iced Coffee

Disclosure – This post was sponsored by Nabisco as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in the post are my own.

I feel pretty lucky to have flex-time at work so the earlier I arrive the earlier I can leave! Well now International Delight OREO Iced Coffee is helping me get to work even earlier because I can get my morning iced coffee fix without stopping somewhere on the way and paying a bundle for the privilige.  All I have to do is fill my favorite cup with ice, pour in a generous helping of ID OREO Iced Coffee and hit the road!

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Deal of the Day: Act Quick to Get Free Pint of International Delight

A couple of weeks ago International Delight had a deal where they gave away a free pint of flavored coffee creamer to everyone who friended them on Facebook.  I got one then and it took me forever to find the stuff in the store (I’m not the coffee drinker in the family).   Turns out you can find it in the dairy section, I’d just been looking at the creamers near the coffee.  Anyway, my husband LOVES the caramel macchiato and even though I can’t get another one I’m excited to announce that they’ve opened it back up and will be giving away 100,000 more free pints of International Delight!  Just click here to friend them on Facebook and get your free pint – but hurry, they’re going fast!



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