How to Decorate Your First Home On A Budget

How To Decorate Your First Home On A Budget from Alexanian Carpet and Flooring

Huge Sale on Custom Throw Pillows – 2 for $20 Shipped!

Huge Sale on Custom Throw Pillows - 2 for $20 Shipped!

I’ve recently been looking for new throw pillows and while there are TONS of ready made options they tend to be pretty expensive and its been tough to find what I want because I had a pretty specific idea in mind. When I saw this awesome sale from ArtsCow for two any size custom cushion and pillow cases for $19.99 I knew I’d found a solution to my problem.

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Small Space Living Gift Guide From World Market

Cost Plus World Market has created a Guide to Small Space Living to help you make the most of your space. From organizing and storing with intention to multi-purpose furniture and decor additions, World Market has everything you need for your cozy studio, apartment or home.

Also, take a peek at the new Fall Super Natural Collection. Pale colors, natural wood, copper finishes and stoneware exemplify World Market’s homage to honest materials.


Inexpensive Halloween & Fall Decorations

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Inexpensive Halloween & Fall Decorations

Although my five kiddos are getting a little too old for trick or treating, they still really enjoy decorating the house and the yard for the season so we always hit our local Dollar Tree first to pick up all our Halloween and Fall Decor needs. Everything is always just $1 so you certainly can’t beat the prices, but they’ve also got lots of great stuff to choose from like these scarecrows and fall signs. I love the “Home Sweet Home” sign for the flower bed beside our front door and the hanging “Harvest” sign would look great nestled inside a wreath on the front door. Some of my favorite finds that I always hit Dollar Tree first to pick up are seasonal place mats like the leaf shaped ones above and craft items so the kids can make some of their own decorations.

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Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary for rest and relaxation after a busy day. It should be a comfortable, inviting space with necessary conveniences and privacy that will help you begin each new day with renewed energy and motivation. With some creative effort and design tips, you can turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat that you’ll love.

Inviting Colors

Changing your paint and bedding colors will quickly change the look of your entire bedroom. With thousands of colors to choose from, narrow your choices to several colors that compliment your furniture and style. For a tranquil, relaxing bedroom, choose a light, cool color like sky blue or mint. Select modern bedding linens in soft shades of ivory, brown or gray. For a more dramatic look, go with deeper colors like crimson, cobalt or emerald mixed with bed linens in white or pearl gray. For touches of glamour, integrate touches of gold or silver in accents and accessories.

Soft Lighting

Your bedroom should have a good balance of natural, ambient, task and accent lighting. Windows in the room provide natural lighting and warmth from the sun. Ambient lighting, also called overhead lighting, like recessed lights, tracks lights, chandeliers and pendants provide uniform light levels throughout the room without glare. Task lighting like table or desk lamps and wall mounted reading lights provide direct lighting over a specific area. Accent lighting spotlights art, accessories or plants and creates a dramatic appeal. For a soft, relaxing atmosphere, put all of your overhead fixtures on dimmers and only use incandescent light bulbs in all of your fixtures.


When selecting accessories, look for items that compliment your bedroom style and offer visual interest with size, shape, color or texture. Large accessories like mirrors, paintings and lamps have a big impact on finished design appeal, so make sure sizes and colors enhance the space. Small accents like throw pillows come in a variety of fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, silk, faux fur, suede and leather. You can choose solid colors, simple textures and bold patterns with a variety of decorative edging. For a subtle, sophisticated look, select solid colors in cotton, linen or silk with fringe or tassels. For modern, dramatic appeal, add pillows in bold patterns, faux fur or leather. To create a romantic, eclectic look, use pillows in novelty shapes and fabrics like fur, sequins, beads or embroidery. 

Win Back Your Fort with Kmart’s Semi Annual Home Sale

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Nothing livens up your household (and your spirit) like a newly decorated home. I just moved this fall and I’m in desperate need of decorating the new house. This spring, we’re hearing things like ‘grey is the new beige’, ‘blue is in’ and ‘light wood finishes are back.’ Redecorating your home every time a new trend arises can be cruel to your wallet. Cue Kmart’s Semi Annual Home Sale!

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6 Frugal Holiday Decorating Ideas

Pine branch with Christmas decorations

Now that the season is upon us it’s time to start thinking about sprucing up our homes with some seasonal holiday décor. If you’re looking for a few ideas to breathe new life into your seasonal decorating (without breaking the bank), look no further!

1) Go (Ever)Green

Bring the outside in—if you live near a wooded area or have friends with pine trees on their property, you can take a few cut pine branches, tie the end with a festive bow, and hang on your doors to add some holiday cheer on the cheap. You might also display a branch on the fireplace mantel along with some ornaments.

2) New Life for Christmas Ornaments

Do you have any Christmas ornaments that may be chipped or are just more than you want to put on you tree? Display them in a clear glass vase or bowl—the imperfections won’t be visible from inside the glass (or you can turn them so the imperfections can’t be seen), and you get a new, free to you decoration.

3) Pine Cones

Pine cones are a wonderful, inexpensive way to dress up your home for the holidays. Gather them on a nature walk (also free entertainment and exercise) and display them in a pretty basket or vase, spread them across a mantle or group them around the base of some candles (away from the flame, of course) to give your home a rustic holiday feel.

4) Old Sleds

Give an old wooden sled a new lease on life! It doesn’t have to be shiny and perfect to be pretty. Add a large bow or a pine bough to the front of the sled and lean it upright next to your doorway—it’s a fast, festive way to dress up the front of your home.

5) Oldies, But Goodies

Creating old-fashioned strings of popcorn and cranberries is not only quaint, but inexpensive AND a fun way to spend some time with family. Put on some holiday music, sip some eggnog or cider and string til your hearts content! They look so charming hung on trees or woven into garland.

6) Teddy Bears

If you have children (or if you have plush teddy bears around from the days when you USED to have children), there is a good possibility you may have teddy bears tucked away somewhere in your home. Huddle a few together, tie big plaid bows around their necks, and you have an instant nostalgic holiday display!

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6 Easy Ways to Update Your Home Decor on a Limited Budget

Redecorating a home is often an expensive task. Updating your home décor usually entails buying new furniture or even painting the walls an entirely new color. The great news is that it’s very much possible to update your home décor without having to break the bank.

Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to give a room a new look:

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50% Off Home Decor at Dollar General

Dollar General has a hot new coupon out that is good for 50% off your entire purchase of home decor, housewares and domestics through Sunday February 27th. 

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