Add a Deck for a Fabulous Outdoor Living Space


Having a deck installed on your home can be an exciting experience. It is an addition to your home that has many different benefits. First of all, a deck is a great place to entertain guests during nice weather. It is also an ideal location to simply relax and enjoy a good book on a sunny afternoon. A deck improves the aesthetic appeal of your home. Decks are a beautiful think to look at. Another one of the great benefits of building a deck it the way it can dramatically increase the overall value of your home. Many potential buyers will be thrilled to find out you have a deck, causing them to offer more than they would have if you did not build the deck. If you ever sell your home, a deck is something that will definitely be in your favor. That having been said, you first need to have your deck built. Here are some ways to go about finding a company to build your deck.

1. Google and other search engines

You look online to find everything else, so why not use the Internet to find deck builders? You can visit websites such as to learn more about what the various deck building companies offer. They will have plenty of photos so you will be able to get a good idea of what type of decks each company is capable of building. These websites will also tell you about the history of each company, giving you some insight into their level of professionalism.

2. Get references

Talk to people you know who have decks on their homes. If they had the deck built, find out if they are happy with the quality of the builder’s work. If they give you a positive recommendation, get the name of the builder and discuss what you want to have done. If nobody in your neighborhood has a deck, you can also ask people at your job or anybody else you associate with on a regular basis.

3. Estimates

Once you have gathered the names of a few deck builders, set up appointments for them to come to your house. Tell them exactly the kind of deck you want to build and the materials you want to use. They will then give you an estimate. Talk to as many deck builders as you can because their estimates could vary greatly.


Green Up Your Office with Plant Hire!

Plant Hire Sydney

Plant hire is a popular solution to get a little green in your office environment. Plant hire lets you keep your hands off. You can have plants in your office without needing to expand the duties of your office or maintenance staff to keep them maintained and healthy. They can liven the place up and be quite gorgeous.  There are marked health benefits to having plants in your office, which can make plant hire an even more attractive proposition for business owners interested in maintaining the health of their employees.

Plants are natural air purifiers. Offices are environments that tend to circulate a lot of dust and depleted air. Plants naturally absorb the carbon dioxide from this and refresh it from oxygen, just as they do out in nature to keep the earth’s biosphere fresh. It’s the same principle applied to a smaller area. This means that the installation of plants will passively, quietly keep your air fresher day to day. While the effects of this are immediately subtle, they’re likely to become more apparent over time.

This makes them a very good alternative to traditional air filters or chemical-based air purifiers. Traditional air filters need to be replaced regularly, and as they collect dust and other irritants they tend to grow less effective. This makes them expensive and requires maintenance that can be costly and time-consuming to offer. Chemical air purifiers can often be harsh for some time after purification, making the air even worse for sensitive individuals than it would be if it hadn’t been scrubbed in the first place.

For those in a very busy urban area with a lot of smog to contend with, plant hire is a great way to bring plants into your office environment to let your office serve as an oasis of fresh air. By keeping your air clean, you can provide your employees with a much more comfortable work environment. For those interested in office plant hire Sydney is a good place to start looking for a service provider. Larger cities make it much easier to locate services and also punctuate the importance of the health benefits a fresh plant can offer. Plants can provide your office with natural air purification that will make your employees feel healthier. With plant hire, having healthy live plants where you need them is as simple as making a phone call or getting in touch with a provider online.


My Dream Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash

I absolutely love do-it-yourself projects around the house and I’ve been dying to update the kitchen and master bathroom. I’d really like to have a professional come in and install some granite counter tops for me, but then I’m sure I’d have to also spruce up the rest of the kitchen.

I’ve put down ceramic tile floors in the kid’s playroom and in a couple rentals that I’m super glad I don’t own anymore, so I think that putting in mosaic tiles for a backsplash in the kitchen would be very easy to do using these 1″x1″ tiles that are sold in 12″x12″ sheets.

Marble and Metal Fusion Mosaic Tiles

I really like the look and colors in the kitchen shown at the top, but I think I’m really leaning toward this style that mixes marble, glass and decorative copper tiles. I collect antique copper pots, pans and primitive hammered copper artwork and this mosaic would match my decor perfectly. Of course there are tons of different styles, designs and colors to choose from when you go with mosaic tiles, so there is something for every taste.

Random Brick Mosaic Tiles

While I’m at it, I think I’m going to have to renovate the bathroom as well. There are lots of different shapes to choose from, including bricks and diamonds and I think I’d like to mix it up a little. I’d pick something in a matching color scheme, but I really like the look of these random brick style mosaic tiles for a shower surround. I’ve been checking out photo galleries of tile projects this morning and I’m almost salivating over all the different designs. I think the shopping portion of the project is at least half the fun, but I’m ready to get started because I think that updating the kitchen and bathroom will make it seem like I’m coming home to a whole new house!


Sferra Luxury Linens Add Color To Your Room

Sferra linens will add a splash of color to any room. These linens are of the highest quality and are designed to last a long time, thus making your home look beautiful for longer. Often, the simple color pop that the linens provide will lift your spirits and make you happier. There are tons of options for you to pick from, and you can easily pick the one that suits your tastes the best.

Even if your tastes are a little outlandish, Sferra linens will most likely have a linen that you’ll like. There are also plenty of plain white linens that you can choose from if you are more conservative. Additionally, Sferra linens has a wide selection of comforters and bedding. These are designed to add the final touch that your bedroom needs. Many of the linens can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of traditional bedding. There is also a wide selection of bath towels and other accessories to choose from.

With Sferra linens, you can easily purchase all of your linens in a one-stop shopping experience. Sferra ships around the world, and you should be able to have your new bath or bed linens within a reasonable amount of time.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored guest post written by a contributing author.


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