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Remy Hair Extensions

When people shop for women’s hair extensions, they must make sure they are looking for extensions that actually make them look better. Hair extensions must be purchased based on the length, color and style of the hair of the wearer. Some women want an extension that they can style their hair like, and other women would prefer to get an extension that looks just like their natural hair.


Some women want thicker looking hair, and they can use extensions to make their hair appear much more gorgeous than it already is. The hair extension can be tucked inside their natural hair to help give it some body.

Other hair extensions are designed to make the hair look as long as possible. There many extensions that will make the hair appear very long, and there are some extensions that will make the hair appear just slightly longer. There is nothing wrong with purchasing an extension as long as it the right length for the lady.


Every extension should be purchased in a color that makes the most sense for the lady. There are times when ladies have a difficult time finding the right color, but a little searching will help ladies to figure out which color is best going to match their natural hair. If the extension is purchased properly, the lady will always have options when they want to change their look.

Look Different

Many ladies wants to invest in a hair extension because it is going to change their appearance. They can look completely different, and they can wear these extensions when they want to look different in a costume. Some ladies prefer to wear these extensions when they are dressing up for a big event, and other ladies will wear the extensions all the time.

With each new extension, ladies can wear something that makes them feel beautiful and desirable. The best hair extension makes a lady’s hair longer, fuller and more beautiful. Choosing the right color and length is the only way to make a lovely change. A new head of hair is around the corner with a new extension.


Having Virtual Makeover Fun!

View Yourself in Over 8,000 Hairstyles!

While I was at the Blissdom conference a couple weeks ago I had a new headshot made and I recently replaced my old Facebook profile with the new photo. I hadn’t changed my old profile picture in so long that I feel like I aged tremendously between the two, and now I’m really wanting to change up my look somehow! I’m planning on having a lot of fun with this virtual hairstyle app in hopes of finding a great new look without all the trial and error of my previous hairstyle changes.

You can play around with the app and check out thousands of new hairstyles for free, or you can get a membership for $14.95 and put yourself, your family and friends in the photos. I can’t wait to check out my boys in all the different Bieber hairstyles 😉

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