How to Decorate Your First Home On A Budget

How To Decorate Your First Home On A Budget from Alexanian Carpet and Flooring

Your Ideas Will Come True at La-Z-Boy in Scranton, PA

la-z-boy Sofas

When it comes time to remodel a home or buy furniture for a new home, there are many styles and colors to choose from. It can be overwhelming as you create your living space into an appealing design of comfort. When you walk into our La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery store, you will immediately get ideas for your home. Let the inspiration come to you, as you browse our quality furniture collections with a wide variety of styles and colors.

The style of the furniture you choose and the color is what makes a home stand out. You can choose traditional styles for a more comfy look, or contemporary styles for a more chic look. Or you can mix-and-match for a style that is all your own. The choice is yours, and our premiere furniture gallery store will give you ideas that you might have overlooked. Always keep in mind that your choice of furniture says something about you. It speaks your language. Whether you are looking for an entire furniture collection to fill a room or a solitary stand-out piece, it is all about you.

We offer a dedicated team of talented designers ready to work with you to help create your dream home. They can answer your questions and suggest different furniture styles, colors, and fabrics. With a click of a button, our experienced designers will use our La-Z-Boy Screen Test system to show you any furniture pieces and fabric choices. You will be able to instantly see how choices, styles, and colors will work together in your home. This design tool makes it easier for you to create a fashionable and appealing living space in your home.

As you visit the furniture stores in Scranton PA area, make sure you stop by ours. Our furniture gallery store is filled with quality wood furniture and stylish fabrics and leathers. We are proud of our craftsmanship and the quality of our furniture. If you can’t stop by our store, one of our design consultants will be glad to visit you in your home.

Your dream home begins with an idea; why not complete it with a quality furniture collection. 

Go From Drab to Fab with Sears Furniture Collection

Disclosure – This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sears Furniture

My quads just turned eight and my oldest is nine and I haven’t had new furniture since long before they were born. Even though the 1990’s called and said they wanted their couch back, it didn’t make sense to replace it when the kids were younger. I think they’re finally old enough to be trusted with new furniture and I’d love to plan for a décor upgrade in 2014. The great news is that I don’t need a pricey interior designer since Sears’ Furniture Collection can help turn our living room from drab into a style that’s magazine-worthy in no time.

From traditional to modern, Sears’ furniture collection has something for everyone. You have the option to mix and match pieces from each collection to suit your taste or shop the entire collection for a matching look. Still need help making a décor decision? Follow these easy tips:

  • Find color inspiration from a favorite wall color or painting. This will be the focus of your design choices
  • When shopping for the living room, don’t overstuff the room. Plan for ample walking room between furniture pieces
  • Tie the room together with matching pillows, a rug and other accessories

Lastly, upgrade your room in small payments using FREE Sears Layaway (no service fee) through 3/24, valid on new Layaway contracts only. After it’s all said & done, your friends will be begging for your designer’s phone number. 

4 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Old Furniture

I’ve been wanting new furniture for years but it’s really not a good idea for us to buy anything new with five young kids in the house, and honestly there’s nothing really wrong with our old furniture other than being a little outdated and full of crumbs and crayons.  Thankfully, the sofa shown above isn’t mine, although I think it would be great for hiding all the evidence the kids leave behind!  In an effort to extend the life of our furniture and save some big bucks at the same time, I’ve put together the following four ways to breathe new life into old furniture.


For a very small investment of typically $50 to $100 you can purchase a new slipcover for an old chair or sofa.  Available in all sorts of styles and fabrics, you can easily find something to match your current decor, plus you have the added benefit of being able to remove the slipcovers for cleaning.  Overstock has hundreds of designs to choose from at very reasonable prices, and eBay is also a good source for finding new goods at liquidation prices.

Enroll in an Upholstery Class

Lots of area community colleges have non-credit courses to teach skills like cooking, photography and even upholstery.  Visit the websites of schools near you to check their course offerings.  Sign up for a class in your spare time, maybe along with your significant other, and you’ll be able to gussy up your old furniture for a small fee with the assistance of a professional teacher.

Let the School Do the Work

If you don’t have the time or inclination to take an upholstery class yourself then look for a local school and ask if they’ll take your couch or chair on as a class project.  They may have a waiting list, but most schools only ask that you supply your own materials.  Even though you might have to wait, you can’t beat the price and you’re assured that the work will take place under professional supervision.

DIY Tutorials

The best thing about the Internet is the wealth of free tutorials on how to do practically everything!  If you’re pretty handy with a staple gun and a yard stick then you may just want to head over to YouTube for some free upholstery videos or check out this nifty step-by-step tutorial for some ideas to do it on your own. 

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