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A couple of weeks ago Kelly from Working Mom Coupons was on the Extreme Couponing television show and I watched her whiz through the store with her handy dandy iPad spreadsheet, recalculating her shopping trip totals on the fly!  It was amazing and I immediately wanted a copy of the spreadsheet for myself.  It turns out that Kelly is a bit of a spreadsheet wizard and she designed it for herself, but she's had SO MANY requests for it since the show aired that it's now available for sale on her website.  You can choose from a Numbers or Excel version for just $4.99, depending on what you're running on your device, and I'm certain you'll save much more than that from using the app! 

Kelly has been so thrilled and humbled by the interest in her spreadsheet that she is also sponsoring a giveaway for an iPad2 – everyone who downloads the spreadsheet is automatically entered to win, but no purchase is necessary to enter!  Click here for more details!

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Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest

Saturday Savings Coupon News Digest 

Economy Drives Families To Cut Coupons, Save Money – PRLog (free press release)
PRLog (Press Release) – May 24, 2011 – May 24, 2011 – With new TV shows featuring coupon clipping and a tanked economy driving people to look for bargains galore, PC Marketing and Consulting has teamed up with

Google Unveils Mobile Payment Service to Expand in Advertising, Coupons – Bloomberg
Google Inc. (GOOG) unveiled a service to let consumers pay merchants and download coupons with a tap of their mobile phones, as the Internet search giant seeks to expand in the growing market for mobile advertising. Google’s new service partners with

Groupon Gets Buzz, But Coupons Get More Bang – Investors Business Daily
In the world of consumer online discounts, coupons still rule. At least, that's the message delivered in a survey that shows most U.S. online shoppers prefer coupons over newer, fast-growing daily deal offers from companies such as Groupon and LivingSocial

Officials concerned about behavior at recycling center, blame new TV show – Claremore Daily Progress
CLAREMORE — A new type of “reality show” on The Learning Channel featuring four shoppers who dig throu

gh dumpsters for coupons is far from a realistic picture of true savings available, at least in Claremore. Sadly, the show is creating problems for

Exclusive: Supermarkets clip savings in your coupons – News-Press
Best-selling books and shows such as TLC's “Extreme Couponing” show how people get a week's supply of groceries for a few bucks. Grocers, though, are starting to crack down on coupon use. Lakeland-based Publix Super Markets will roll out a new coupon

Farmers market coupons for seniors in the mail – News-Star
More than $370,000 worth of Farmers Market Nutrition Program coupons were mailed by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s Agro-Consumer Services office to qualifying seniors this week, enabling them to visit farmers markets throughout

Beyond Couponing: Unique Ways to Save Money – Associated Content
I love coupons, but they are not enough. Although clipping coupons and matching them to sales at stores is a good starting step, I have discovered other ways to stretch a dollar. If you are serious about saving money and have a tight budget, there are

Would you us the ‘Google wallet’? – ABC 15 News
PHOENIX – The “Google Wallet” is expected to be unveiled at a Thursday event. The new program would allow you to make store purchases, redeem coupons and get loyalty points just by waving your smartphone in front of a small reader at the checkout counter.


Extreme Couponing Preview: Dumpster Diving For Coupons – Cinema Blend

Extreme Couponing Preview: Dumpster Diving For Coupons – Cinema Blend

Globe and Mail

Extreme Couponing Preview: Dumpster Diving For Coupons
Cinema Blend
If you’re going to go diving into dumpsters to find coupons, as the woman in tonight’s episode of Extreme Couponing does, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on body wash. Check out this clip from tonight’s episode. I’ve often wondered how some of
Do You Coupon?
Tales from the hunt: Coupon queen stocks upThe Marshall Democrat-News
Extreme Couponer dives in dumpsters to save, on TLC (VIDEO)Monsters and
BlogHer (blog) –Wilson County News –Chicago Tribune
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Quick & Easy Grocery Savings Tips

While the new Extreme Couponing show on TLC is very entertaining, they’re not exactly showing a typical couponing trip to the grocery store.  Using coupons strategically saved my family over $11,500 last year so I’m obviously a firm believer, but I also understand that couponing isn’t for everyone.  Here are some quick and easy savings tips that will help you to save on your grocery budget without clipping any coupons!

Shop With a List

Know what you’re buying before you get to the store!  The only time you should add anything once you get there is if you happen to find a great deal on something that you normally use – say hamburger has been marked down or your favorite hairspray is on clearance.

Warehouse Stores

Most grocery and toiletry items can be purchased cheaper elsewhere by following the weekly sales (and cheap to free if you match coupons), but meat, bread and fresh produce are almost always a better deal at warehouse club stores.

Buy in Bulk & Freeze

Purchase larger family packs of meat when they’re on sale, divide them into meal sized portions and freeze.  Better yet, put marinade in the freezer bags with the meat  to save time later because the meat will marinate as it thaws.  We also buy things like milk, shredded cheese, lunchmeat and yeast in bulk when the price is right and store them in the freezer.

Buy Cheaper Cuts of Meat

Less expensive cuts of meat like shoulder roasts and spare ribs can save you both time and money because they’re terrific in the slow cooker.

Keep Track of What You Use

Monitor what and how much your family actually uses so you don’t end up buying extra and letting it go to waste.  Don’t buy the larger bag of carrots because it’s cheaper per pound if you typically only use half as much.

Shop the Perimeter of the Store

Grocery stores are generally arranged so that the most purchased items like bread, milk and meat are located along the outer walls with more expensive items along the interior aisles so that you must pass them to get to the things you need.

Plan Your Menus

Simply planning your weekly menus ahead of time and basing them on your grocery store’s weekly sales can save you a tremendous amount, both on your budget and in decreased waste.  Because you know in advance what’s on the menu, you’ll only buy the things you need.

Photo Credit:  iClipart


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