Huge Sale on Coupon Clutch Coupon Binder Covers!

Huge Sale on Coupon Clutch Coupon Binder Covers!

Is your Coupon Clutch binder wearing out?  Do you have friends that would really like to have one?  Now is your opportunity to get one of these fabric 3-ring binder covers on sale, PLUS get FREE shipping!

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Coupon Clutch Summer Sale!

Organize your coupons in style with a Coupon Clutch – a fabric covered coupon organizer that looks like a designer tote bag. These fabric binder covers come in standard 2″, 3″, 4″ or 5″ sizes and will hold over 3,000 coupons! With dozens of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits you.  Plus now you can take a whopping $20 off a $75 order when you use promo code SUMMER through June 20th, the first day of summer!


5 Practical Tips on Organizing Your Coupons

Are you new to couponing? If you are, then you might find yourself rather overwhelmed with the number of coupons you’ve clipped. A little organization can go a long way. Here are some practical tips on keeping your coupons organized:

1) Highlight the details.

Grab a highlighter or colored pen and circle the expiration date of your coupons. This will make it much easier for you later on. If the coupon expires the following year, consider using another color highlighter so it will be easy for you to determine which ones to use first.

2) File your coupons properly.

Instead of randomly stuffing all your coupons in one envelope, why not file them according to a particular category? You can file your coupons according to the category at the grocery (such as frozen foods, produce, dairy, etc.), alphabetically according to brand name, or even according to expiration date.  Use a coupon binder or an accordion folder to keep your clipped coupons categorized.

3) Find a container for your coupons.

If you want to keep your coupons organized, the most important thing you need is a container for them. You may keep coupons of a particular category in an envelope or folder, then store all your folders or envelopes in a plastic container or shoebox. You may also opt to use an expanding file.  I personally keep all of my unclipped inserts filed by date in a storage cube and only clip them as I need them.

4) File coupons right away.

File your coupons right away once you have pulled them from the paper, finished clipping them or printing them out. Doing so will prevent your unfiled coupons from piling up, and it will also keep them from getting lost.

5) Purge.

Expired coupons will do absolutely nothing for you but take up valuable space. Make it a point to frequently sort through your coupon file and throw out expired coupons, or better yet you can donate your recently expired coupons to help support our troops.


Coupon Clutch Binder Winner & Sale!


Thanks so much to everyone who entered our Coupon Clutch Binder Tote/Organizer Giveaway, and congratulations to our winner – Michele of

There are a bunch of new styles available at, including the pink paisley and chocolate heart ones shown above!  Plus, you can take 10% off of any order with promo code wantone – visit today to get organized and save!


Enter to Win a Coupon Clutch Binder Tote!


Stockpiling Moms is hosting a giveaway of a Coupon Clutch Binder Tote ($29.95 value) AND a Deluxe Coupon Organizer Insert package ($24.95) – it’s a fast one that ends at midnight tonight so you’ve got a GREAT chance of winning.  Head on over and enter to win!


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