Should I Upgrade my iPhone to the Latest Operating System?

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Should I Upgrade my iPhone to the Latest Operating System?

I have to admit that I rarely keep up with the upgrades to my iPhone’s operating system. I’m always afraid that something will happen and I’ll lose the thousands of pictures I have stored on there, or my calendar information or one of the many other things that help my phone make my life easier. Lately though it seems like there were several new updates all in a row and now I’m nervous about NOT updating the iOS. What if I’m now vulnerable to other problems or hackers or something awful? I don’t think I could survive without my phone!

Since my phone is always either in my hand or pretty close by I firmly believe in keeping insurance protection on it so I’ve always kept the Asurion plan current through AT&T. Well I only just recently realized that along with that protection I get the  Asurion Premier Support that provides me with unlimited expert tech support. No matter who your carrier is you can download the app and get one click technical support for all sorts of issues – from setup, to troubleshooting, to explaining features of your mobile device and so much more.

With the app on my iPhone I was able to get on the line with a knowledgeable expert with one click!  I talked with Anthony about my concerns in updating the iOS on my iPhone and he assured me that updated don’t affect any of the content on my phone like my pictures, videos and other information. Instead, he informed me that I really should keep the operating system current on my phone (even if I’m not experiencing any problems) because the updates fix known bugs and glitches, and it keeps me current with all the latest features. Plus I learned that not updating can cause delays in searches, messages and other features.

Anthony walked me through getting my phone updated to the current iOS version and even called me back 20 minutes later to make sure the process went well. I was very impressed with the service I received and I’m happy to know that I can call back anytime with any other issues I might run into on my mobile devices.

Asurion partners with all the country’s leading wireless providers so, like me, you may already have Premier Support and not even know it. You can get more information about your plan’s benefits and how to get free technical support at one of these sites:

Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection

AT&T’s Pro Tech Support

Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection



Share and Save with Virgin Mobile Custom Plans

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Virgin Mobile Custom

My kids have been begging for cell phones for what seems like forever but with five of them there’s just no way I can add five cell phone plans to the budget even if I wanted to get them phones. The kids have even offered to save up their allowance to buy their own phones, but that still leaves the monthly bills for me to pay. I’ve been able to put the kids off for quite awhile, but my oldest recently had to do a programming project for “genius hour” at school and he got to use this LG Pulse phone to show off the game he had programmed for his project. That really got me to thinking about the benefits of them having their own phones, if only I could control what they’re doing with them and keep the monthly costs down.

Virgin Mobile Custom

I was very excited to learn about the parental controls available with the Virgin Mobile Custom plan – you can control which apps the kids can use on their phones and even what times they are able to use them. For example, you can turn off the Facebook app during school hours and you can make the YouTube app available only after dinner. The best part about the Virgin Mobile Custom plan though is that you can pick your price based on your needs and since there is no contract you can change or customize the plan at any time.

The base fee is $6.98 per line and that gets you 20 minutes of talk time and 20 texts for free. You can easily adjust the plan from your phone as shown in the image above, I’ve changed the plan to 250 minutes of talk time, 250 texts and 20 MB of data which brought the plan up to $13.88 per month. You can add up to four additional lines for just $6.98 each and adjust each plan individually to suit each person’s needs. There is even a custom control app that you can download on Android or iOS devices that allows you to customize the parental controls and usage plans for all the phones on your account. Virgin Mobile Custom devices are available at select Walmart stores and online at Get rid of your pre-set priced or overpriced phone plan and get control by building your own plan so you only pay for what you need!


$15 for $30 Worth of Custom Skins from SkinIt!

Here’s a hot deal from Eversave where you can pay just $15 for $30 worth of customizable laptop skins, cell phone skins and more from There are thousands of different designs to choose from or you can upload your own photos. I really love this Disney character design, which is just one of many, or you could pick one to show off your favorite sports team.  Shipping rates start at a low $2.99, and new Eversave members can grab this deal for just $12 when they use their $3 new member credit.  This offer is good through October 6th.

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Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half With Straight Talk

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Have you seen all the hilarious “feel richer” commercials on TV for Straight Talk?  Well I spend a small fortune on my cell phone bill so I thought I’d better check them out and see what all the fuss is about since my main goal is to save wherever possible so I can spend elsewhere.

The Straight Talk program is available only at WalMart and you can get everything you need for just $45 a month with NO contract!  You get unlimited talk, text and web access for less than half what I’m currently paying for the same service, plus you get the benefit of not having a long term contract (unfortunately mine isn’t over for another six months or so).

Here’s how it works – head over to WalMart or to and pick out a phone, then select your plan and you’re ready to pay as you go.  The great news is you can also keep your current phone number if you’d like.  New phones start as low as $30 and reconditioned phones are as low as $10, plus they even have new Smart Phones starting at under $150. 

You’ll get unlimited minutes, messages and data nationwide at any time of day plus you also get 411 calls at no additional charge with the $45/month plan, or you can select the $30/month plan which gets you 1000 Minutes, 1000 Text / MMS messages Nationwide, 30 MB data and calls to 411 at no extra charge .  I’m really digging the new Samsung Galaxy Android on Straight Talk for $149.88 because it’s fast, powerful and can access thousands of apps and music tracks.  It also has a removable SD card where you can store everything.

Now you can even Call a friend or family around the world at low International rates with their new service that starts at just $5!  If you’re paying too much for cell phone service I recommend looking at Straight Talk, and while you’re at it check out this testimonial from Scott Canterbury of the FLW Fantasy Fishing League and see how you could win a share of $500,000 in cash and prizes – Hook, line and sinker.

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Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset $21 Shipped

One of my favorite things in the world is my Jawbone headset because it allows me to answer the phone and talk hands free which is huge with five kids in the house.  I bought my first Jawbone when the quads were still in diapers and you can imagine how badly I needed to have my hands free then 😉  I’d had other bluetooth headsets before but the Jawbone uses a military grade technology that eliminates background noise so I could even talk to people with all the whining and crying in the background!  I’m pretty hard on them so I’ve replaced my Jawbone a few times over the years but they’re super expensive if you buy them retail – between $109 and $125!  For that reason I’m constantly on the lookout for a great price and I’ve even bought extra for backup purposes.  Well I’m using my last backup one right now so I was thrilled to find this hot deal on an Aliph Jawbone Prime Black Bluetooth Headset for just $21.14 with free shipping.  That’s such a fabulous price that I’ve already got my new ‘backup’ order placed!

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Stylish Cell Phone, iPhone, iPod Stand Only $.89 Shipped!

My cell phone is always within arm’s reach – in my purse if I’m on the run, on my desk while I’m working or in my pocket while cooking or doing chores around the house.  I carry it in a holster which works great for the pocket or purse, but I hate when it just lies there limply on my desk and I have to tilt it to see the screen.  I’m very happy to pop for the 89 cents to get this adorable hunk of plastic to do the job for me.  This cell phone stand normally sells for $4.99 but is on deal of the week for only $0.89 – plus if you use promo code 1K1NJO you’ll also get free shipping.