8 Things You Can Do With Alka-Seltzer

Do you happen to have any Alka-Seltzer in your stockpile?  Have you got any tough household stains or cleaning issues?  Well here are eight somewhat surprising things you can do with Alka-Seltzer, in addition to making your tummy feel better!

Polish Your Jewelry – Put two tablets in a glass of water and immerse your jewelry for two minutes.  Remove, rinse and pat dry.

Make Your Own Cleaner – Dissolve three tablets in a spray bottle with 8 ounces of water then use it to clean bathtubs, counters and the microwave after the fizzing stops.

Deep Clean Vases – Vases often have water ring stains on the inside, but you can remove them easily by filling with warm water and dropping in two tablets for an hour.

Remove Burn Marks From Cookware – Fill cookware or a dishpan (if stains are on the outside) with warm water, drop in 4 or 5 tablets and let sit for an hour.

Clean The Toilet – Once or twice a week you can drop two tables into the toilet bowl, wait fifteen minutes then do a quick swish with the brush and flush.

Unclog A Drain – Put three tablets in the clogged drain and pour a cup of very hot water over them.  Wait a few minutes for the fizzing to settle down then run the hot water over the drain.

Clean The Coffee Maker – Dissolve two tablets in the coffee pot then run the water through a brew cycle to clean out the tubes and other interior components.  Do a brew cycle with plain water to rinse before making coffee.

Build Rockets – Once all the cleaning is done you can entertain the kids by going out to the yard to make a rocket out of an empty film canister.  Put half a tablet in the canister then fill half way with warm water.  Replace the lid and set it down on the lid.  Stand back and watch as it flies into the air!


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