Summer Clearance BOGO Costume Sale – Save Big!

Every year (so far) for some reason I always seem to be scrambling at the last minute for Halloween costumes.  Not this year!  I’m feeling all organized and prepared right now (gotta revel in it cuz it won’t last long!) because I just bought all the costumes we’ll need for our four year old quads.  Our five six year old got leather chaps for his birthday last week to go along with cowboy boots and hat that he already had so he’s going to be a cowboy for Halloween.  My other two boys are getting this desert commando costume and the girls are getting these adorable fairy princess outfits in their favorite colors.  They’re having a HUGE sale right now at Buy Costumes where all clearance and blowout sale items are buy one get one free with promo code BOGOCLEAR.  This desert commando costume was on sale for only $19.99 and includes the helmet with face mask, goggles, jumpsuit, gloves and boot covers and both of the girls’ outfits were $14.99 each so I ended up paying a total of $39.97 including $4.99 shipping after using the promo code.  I’m super psyched that we’re getting such great costumes for less than ten bucks each AND that we’re already organized and ready for Halloween!


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