Start Your School Supply Shopping For Next Year NOW!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that the time to buy school supplies is usually AFTER school starts – when retailers are simply trying to get rid of the excess.

School starts here next Monday, the 20th, so of course we’ve had to have everything ready for the Orientation/bring in supplies day which is this Wednesday. However, we are now on a hunt for the “real deals” on school supplies to begin refilling the supply cabinet in my office. Here’s what we’ve done so far this week:

This week Office Depot has school rulers 1 cent each, plastic zippered pencil cases 1 cent each, 70 page 1 subject notebooks 1 cent each — pkg of 4 glue sticks for 50 cents, pkg of 2 black Expo write on/wipe off markers 50 cents each — limit of 3 of each item.  Check out the picture — I spent $3.33 for all of the above school supplies and SAVED $23.16.  Because we have 5 grandchildren in elementary school, the supply lists are never ending, so my husband is great about following after me with the same deals so we can get ahead for the grandchildrens’ needs for next year.

Last week Office Depot had 8 oz bottles of school glue for 1 cent and packs of 150 ct. wide rule paper for 25 cents — so of course we have a supply started with those as well.

The cashier told me that each week through September they’ll be featuring a number of different items in the 1 cent and 25 cent categories, so we’re checking each weekly flyer very carefully to get the best deals for NEXT YEAR!!

Also, right after school actually starts, check your other favorite stores – CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc and I’m sure you’ll find some really great deals as they clear their “school” shelves to make room for the fall holiday items.

Good luck on your “next year’s” school supply lists — let us know what kind of deals you are getting!


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