Spring Gardening 101 (Save On Veggies!)

Spring Gardening 101

I can almost feel spring in the air, almost, it’s too cold to ACTUALLY feel it but I know that it’s there just around the corner. One of my favorite things about spring is that it is time to put in a spring garden- beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables.  So if you are dreaming like I am of sunshine, hands deep in the dirt, and fresh air but you are new to gardening I have gathered some of my best tips to get you started on your first Spring garden.

Figure out your zone

Each area of the U.S has been assigned a plant hardiness zone number, find out what yours is. This will help you determine what and when to plant in your garden. You want it to be successful so this is a very important step in your garden planning.

Find the right spot

Look for an area that gets plenty of sun (6-8 hours a day), is relatively level with only a mild slope for drainage, easy access to water, and

Test your soil

You can gather a sample from your intended garden spot and take it to your local extension office where they will test it and let you know what needs to be added or  reduced to make it ideal for growing your garden. They will test for things like pH and acidity levels.

Prepare the bed

Once you have decided how large of a bed you want you can begin to clear away grass, weeds, and aerate the soil well. If this is your first garden I recommend that you start with a garden bed no bigger than 12’ x 12’- if you go too large you may find yourself frustrated and with more than you can handle. Start small and gain some confidence, there is still time to add to your garden for summer and fall plantings if you find that you are a green thumb at heart!

Gather your tools

You don’t need a ton of fancy gear for a backyard garden but there are a few things you will definitely want on hand to make it easier. I came across this great set that contains just about everything you need in the way of hand tools and it even comes in a pretty sturdy bag.

Get yourself a good basic gardening book for reference with tips and tricks, this one has organic remedies,tips, and shortcuts for gardening.   This is another great reference for vegetable gardens.

Include the family

Make sure you get the kids involved too, give them their own little plot to work.  This is another fun tool for the kids (and you). As your garden grows outdoors you can get a sneak peak of what’s happening beneath the soil.

Do your research but above all, have fun. There is nothing like being outdoors with dirty fingernails as you grow food for your family!


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  1. We love the gardening! We have 2 big tubs that we planted potatoes in the first of January. They are getting HUGE! By having them in the tubs we’ve been able to take them outside on sunny days and back into the playroom at night. They’re outside for good now and looking awesome! Big thumbs up for gardening!

  2. Those are great tips. I am so ready to dig in and get my hands dirty with Spring gardening. 🙂


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